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Bugaboo Bee+ - Breezy Canopy or Parasol??

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JulsieM Thu 25-Apr-13 20:01:47

Now the sun's been shining I'm turning my attention to how to keep it off my 9mo (though now I've said that it will probably go away for the rest of the summer and my problems will be solved)
So...what are people's experiences of either the Breezy sun hood or the parasol for the Bee+? Which would you recommend?
I know just clipping a muslin over the top of the buggy is a cheaper and effective option but my LO just pulls it off, thinks its a game of peepo! So no good for naps...

rootypig Sat 04-May-13 17:56:51

I just got the Breezy sunhood for the Bee and really like it. My LO gets v cross with the muslin solution since she's a nosy parker and anyway it drove me mad, always blowing everywhere.

Pros: ease of use (parasols such a faff), UV rating, when the seat is fully reclined and the cover extended it goes right to the bottom of the seat

Cons: mesh panels in sides and top (the 'breezy' bits) are not UV and do let some sun onto LO's face - this is more a problem if the hood is unzipped and fully extended, the mesh extension that pops out doesn't have any mechanism to tuck away neatly, you just shove it under

But overall am pleased, it's what I wanted and much more shady than the standard hood. And looks super snazzy grin.

JulsieM Fri 10-May-13 13:48:52

Thanks rootypig. That's really useful. I may just bite the bullet and get one. It's just so annoying how you keep having to get extra bits to make the buggy work properly!

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