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Opinions of oyster and quinny buzz

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beautybox2 Thu 18-Apr-13 21:55:38

I've goa old style quinny buzz the seat is huge! My 2year old fits perfectly in it, but my 7month old looks tiny. I'm thinking of buying a oyster, just googled it and got some bad reviews sad
I don't like the quinny because I find going up pavements quite hard with3wheels, and a buggy board attached.
If anyone has had both would loved to hear your opinions or one or the other smile

melliebobs Thu 18-Apr-13 21:58:52

I don't have either but they were on our short list ns we thought the buzz had the smallest seat unit out of all the prams n saw no longevity with it. So if she looks small in the buzz unit she's going to look lost in the oyster!

Tiggywunkle Thu 18-Apr-13 23:30:25

Try this for direct comparisons

MsPickle Thu 18-Apr-13 23:38:26

I've got an Oyster and am pleased with it so far. Dd is still in the pram top at 4 months, she has a foam wedge in for reflux and a sheepskin, she looks very comfortable. I'm in London and it's good on the buses. I'm using the height adapters and also the maxi cosi adapters for the cat seat. We've also got a Britax lie flat car seat which fits onto the height adapters. The only bit I'm not pleased with particularly is the raincover as there's no access panel.

I bought it 2nd hand btw. Had a problem after about 6 weeks of use with the brake not releasing, DH muttered darkly about rivet welding and difficultly of fixing, I gave it a liberal squirting of WD40 and (touch wood) it's been fine since. It also fits through our narrow front door.

Heard about them in response to a posting on here and it's been a good solution for us so far.

Oh, and have a Bugaboo drink holder which is a perfect fit (thrown in by vendor) which is great!

beautybox2 Fri 19-Apr-13 00:32:10

Thank you! I've got a old style quinny 2006 and the seat is huge, she's in the maxi cosi car seat at the mo, it just clips onto frame, so good for getting in and out car. The oyster I'm getting is secondhand also comes with 2colour packs, car seat and adapters. I haven't been able to get a girlie one because of my son and can't wait to push a pretty purple pram! Does anyone know if the maxi cosi will clip straight on to oyster adapters and weather a las cal maxi buggy board will fit the oyster? Thanks so much for finding time to reply to me smile

beautybox2 Fri 19-Apr-13 00:37:08

Forgot to ask but does the oyster front bit fold up like the quinny?

Tiggywunkle Fri 19-Apr-13 00:37:33

A Maxi Cosi will clip straight onto the Maxi Cosi adaptors - check which ones you have.
I dont know about the Lascal board, but the Oyster board is one of the best there is and would be worth considering.

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