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OBaby Zezu, M&P Zoom and Mee-go prams - stockists and thoughts

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strawberrybubblegum Sun 11-Nov-12 11:45:12


I'm looking for an inexpensive but easy-to-use travel system with parent and front-facing options. I'd ideally like to keep it to around £300 total, although I could go up to £400. I don't mind getting second hand, although of course it would be nice to get it new.

I'm currently looking at the OBaby Zezu - which is on the Mothercare website (on special offer), but none of the stores I've called in SW London have it on display - even Kew and Weybridge, which are apparently much bigger stores. Does anyone know where I could see it in South West London or Surrey?

The Mee-go pram also looks nice - but they don't list any stockists in London at all. Again, does anyone know a stockist?

The 3rd one I'm looking at is the Mamas and Papas zoom. I tried phoning, but it doesn't seem to be possible to get connected to the store, so I guess I'll have to just turn up and hope I can see one confused.

Also, does anyone have any feedback or opinions on these prams - whether they're good, and which one might be better? Or any other suggestions for alternatives in the same price-range?


KentuckyFriedChildren Sun 11-Nov-12 14:09:00

I have a maxi cosi mura 3 and it is awesome. Like a quinny buzz but much cheaper and better. I got mine second hand in perfect nick but from what I can see you can get one new for around 350 with all the extras. I can't help on the where to view front as I am in the highlands but as an alternative you could put a call out on your local mumsnet page to ask if anyone has one of the ones you are looking for and see if they would mind you checking it out? Good excuse for a local meet up smile

Tiggywunkle Sun 11-Nov-12 23:09:19

I was looking at a Mee-Go only the other week and they seem really good. I am hoping to go to the factory soon which should be interesting. I hadn't heard of them but apparently they are not far away from me! A retailer showed me a Mee-Go and I had a really thorough play with it. Its a bit like an iCandy Cherry for weight. I like how it converts to the Pramette and into the seat. The seat recline was good. I like the coloured fabrics. The only negative I could see is that the seat removal buttons are tricky to get it. I liked that you get the car seat, bright coloured fabrics, bag etc with it.

I wouldn't buy an M&P pushchair TBH....I dont know the Zoom but the others currently in store that I do know are all not great and have had issues with fabrics, reclines, rusting etc.

I would look at an iCandy Cherry and the Baby Jogger Versa when they get released again.

BikeRunSki Sun 11-Nov-12 23:15:41

IME of anything M&P - Style over substance, based on fairy poor experience of 2 highchairs, a cot and a pushchair. And pricey for what you get. Some people love M&P to pieces, I don't get them and the customer service is poor.

Kiddicare currently have big discounts on line - 10% over £75 (Code KC10), 15% over £150 (KC15) an 20% over £300 (KC20) if that helps. Until 16/11.

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