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which mountain buggy?

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monstergoose Sat 22-Sep-12 15:37:07

I'm confused as to which MB would suit us the best, I've read great things about the terrain but not sure if we'll need it for the walking we do or if the swift or urban jungle would be sufficient (as well as being cheaper!) The problem is I can't see the terrain in the flesh unless we buy it as nobody nears us stocks them in the showroom. We tend to walk mainly on country lanes, grass tracks, rocky paths and the occasional beach walks.
Also has anyone used the new parent facing addition for the MB? I'm really keen on getting it (although it would rule out the swift as it only appears to fit onto the other two)
Our other option is to buy 2 cheaper ones-we were thinking the mothercare xtreme or the M&P version for the all terrain as this is on offer, along with a more pram-like cosier thing for if its just road/town type stuff. It would probably come to a simialr price but not sure if buying 2 cheaper quality ones or 1 better one is better
Anyone any ideas?!

Nigglenaggle Sat 22-Sep-12 17:22:03

OK not sure is the answer, we have the one + (planning in advance!) but what I will say is that I was very against the money we spent on it, really strongly thought we should get something cheaper. And I do not regret a single penny, it is fantastic. Makes it so easy to go on country walks and is easy to manouvere with one hand when going in & out of shops so despite its size is not a bad choice for town either. So if you have the money dont let it stop you getting the more expensive choice smile From the sort of walks you are going on I would probably be tempted by the terrain if that is even better for rough ground than the others

Tiggywunkle Sun 23-Sep-12 00:09:33

I think either the Urban Jungle or the Swift would do you as it sounds like you do mild off roading.....rather than serious muddy, mountaineering...

I would choose though by handleheight - I am 5ft 6ins and the Swift is too low for me. I just can't get on with it. The Urban Jungle would be much better for me on that basis alone. This is something you really only work out after a good 10 mins of walking or so and I am the worst person for saying that a handle height wont matter, but then it always does!

I have to say though that I am a Baby Jogger and TFK fan and I prefer their pushchairs to any Mountain Buggy. They are both much higher spec with features galore and I recommend you have a look - there are several Baby Joggers - the City Mini GT, the Versa GT, the Elite and the Summit. The chassis on the City Mini GT, Elite and Summit are all practically the same size...the wheels (which pop on and off easily) are what makes the difference. The TFK Joggster is very good spec. The Versa GT would give you a parent facing option.

The Mountain Buggy Face to Face seat is only suitable for up to 9kgs and apparently has the same incline as a car seat - so I have to say I dont see the point - you may as well get car seat adaptors and use your car seat on the chassis! If it laid flat then I could understand some value to it, but it doesn't.

Look also at the Easywalkers. The June would give you parent facing again, but the Sky and Qtro are possibilities. The quality of the Easywalkers far surpasses the Mountain Buggies again. I have had two Mountain Buggies in the last year and the quality in places has been poor and even shocking.

monstergoose Tue 25-Sep-12 23:15:27

Thanks for the advice, I went pushchair hunting on the weekend and now really keen on the jane trider-it seems to do everything we want ie parent facing and all terrain and the carrycot/car seat seem great...does anyone have any advice though as can't seem to find many comments review on it!

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