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Talk to me about the Jane Rider/Trider Matrix

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anicecuppatea Thu 06-Sep-12 13:08:13

Is it any good? Going round in circles with pram choice again. Stumbled across these online and thought it looked pretty decent. Assume i'm right in thinking the carrycot and the car seat are one item which converts to do both jobs? Good for us as we often do long car journeys so handy to have a lie flat option for travel. Does the chassis take any other type of car seat (i.e. maxicosi cabriofix) out of curiosity? Any thoughts/advice on this one welcome!

Ihateparties Thu 06-Sep-12 17:31:40

Jane chassis' don't take any other car seats officially.. however I have heard tell of people using concord maxi cosi adaptors on certain Jane prams but I tried some of these for my Jane Twone and found that although the socket and connector is the same the concord release button is underneath and the Twone socket is enclosed underneath (good job I didn't find this out AFTER I stuck it on, very nearly did!) I can only assume that some of the Jane connectors are open underneath to allow these to be used. Not safety tested obviously so you would have to make your own decision as to how you felt it worked, how safe and stable etc. Personally I'm not sure how much different a maxi cosi can possibly be to a Jane rebel or strata in terms of affecting the stability of the pram.

Overall I like the push of the Twone, quality seems pretty reasonable, it is what it is really. The Twone has the same main seat as the Rider, which seems pretty comfortable for the future beyond the carrycot stage and certainly big enough to take a larger child. The Matrix seems a good idea and there is now an isofix base but I don't know anything more specific really having never used one.

Hope that helps a bit. At least one person on this board has or has had a rider fairly recently, they may be able to tell you more.

Nikatron Fri 07-Sep-12 07:05:42

This is my current top choice so would also love hear what people think. I want it for a combination of shopping / parks / light off road so the suspension appealed. The one handedness of everything looks useful too. Got the Jane brochure yesterday so now want to see one and have a play. There is an stockist map search on the Johnston prams website. None near where I live which seems to have a baby product exclusion zone, so might be a couple of weeks before I can say what one is like in the shop.

Nanny01 Fri 07-Sep-12 11:57:45

baby show coming up soon you could go and try loads.

Netty73 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:55:04

We have had a Jane Trider for nearly 15 months now. It's described as a travel system. Overall, the car seat was bigger but as it converted it was worth the bigger space.

The seat attachment is worth it as it goes both ways, forward looking & Backward looking.

Two gripes, the front wheel connection means that debris gets stuck in it and it makes it harder to push.

The more annoying point is, unlike most other prams, the Jané Trider Pram wheels have to be replaced as a whole item including the wheel.

So instead of an expected cost of say 20-40 pounds it's £60 each! On this alone, if you are planning on buying one I would not if you do alot of miles like us walking the dogs and the like. It gets very costly!

clairealfie Tue 09-Jul-13 15:12:26

Hi folks,

I've had the Jane Rider Matrix for 18 months now.

I love the car seat, it can go in the car flat or sat upright and then has several settings in between that you can use in pram mode or on the floor. It also has a full 5 point harness which when I compared to the 3 point harnesses on maxi cosi etc. I used the matrix as a travel cot when out and about, just chucked a moses basket mattress in it. All my antenatal friends were very jealous. However, it is hugely heavy so don't expect to be able to carry baby around in it. I could get it onto the pram base and into the house but I couldn't carry it far.

The pram section is fine, I don't think it pushes as nicely as a bugaboo but it's fine. It certainly copes well with walking the dog over fields. It folds down with or without the seat on which I like as sometimes the wheels get muddy. I wouldn't say the fold is really small but compared with other travel systems like the Uppababy, Bugaboo, Icandy then it's a lot smaller than those.

You can use a Jane Strata seat in it but i've never tried adaptors.

I basically bought the pram for the lie flat car seat and it's small fold and I would certainly buy it again for those reasons.

christilass Wed 10-Jul-13 00:04:24

I have the Trider . its fab i love it so easy to use no fiddly attachments .
we live on a farm so needed something robust.
we have the transporter/ carry cot and the strata car seat.
We felt the matrix was smaller and not as deep and cosy as the transporter .

amy3897 Fri 23-Jan-15 11:31:01

I know this is an old post but wanted to add some comments for future parents who read this.

I have a Jane Rider and didn't like the car seat which led flat as was too heavy and didn't like the isofix base with the normal car seat so decided to go with a maxi cosi car seat.

Someone above mentioned the concord connect maxi cosi fittings for a maxi cosi car seat....

I just wanted to confirm they fit the Jane Rider and the Pebble car seat fits fine.

Obviously as it is not sold that it fits you have to use your judgement however the Jane Rider has the same mechanism as the Concord therefore I personally could not see a problem.

Hope this helps future parents x

Lcg01 Mon 23-Nov-15 12:05:10

I currently have a jané trider pushchair I would like to bring to people's attention even though it is meant to be designed for all terrains with the suspension it has it clearly isn't!!
I have had it for 11 months and every time I go up and down a curb the frame starts to collapse and go into folding position ( with my baby in). I have returned it to retailer where I bought it they could not find a fault so sent it back to me ( I was in the uk then) I now live in turkey so I have contacted Jané direct about this problem but so far they don't seem to want to help! My advice is be careful if you are thinking about buying one or even have one as I think there should be a safety recall! On my visit to uk I will be contacting trading standards about this issue.

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