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icandy cherry or mamas and papas urbo?

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Readmarx Sat 28-Jul-12 17:00:50

Hi! - I need some help deciding between the two of these as there seem to be pluses and minuses for each - has anyone go any tips/advice that might help us decide? It would be MUCH appreciated!

Tiggywunkle Sun 29-Jul-12 14:35:45

No question - the Cherry. The quality is much better. The main down sides of the Urbo are that the brake is very poor - you are never sure of its on or not. I put it on, turned to put my son in the car, turned back and the pushchair was rolling off the pavement into the path of a car. The ride is incredibly hard so much that it hurts my hands to push. The basket is really not great. The seat recline is poor especially as time goes on ie it gets worse. Everytime you pull the hood up the recline comes up - not so bad as the aby gets heavier. The handle can slide down too - the catches are easily caught and undone. It's just really not good. My swivel wheels stopped locking ages ago and bits started to come apart. The good points are its got a large seat, looks neat and tidy when upright. The fold isn't that small though for a neat pushchair. I always worried about scratching my car with the chassis when lifting it in and out.

The Cherry meanwhile. The bad points are that the seat recline shares the same button as the seat removal. If you knock these removing the seat then you have to line them back up again but you get good at visually checking for this. The seat needs removing to fold but I prefer this when my child is parent facing as otherwise you need to remove the seat to turn it round / fold. You need a carrycot too and the basket is a bit obscured in carrycot mode. Its got a fixed height handle. But it's lovely to push, looks great. Is light and easy to carry. It's got an adjustable footrest which is lovely for babies. Lovely fabrics.

Absolutely no doubt for me though - the Cherry is simply nicer.

Readmarx Sun 29-Jul-12 19:02:20

Thanks for that Tiggywunkle - it sounds like you speak from experience! Out of interest, (to you or anyone reading) one thing that bothers me is that the chair on the cherry tilts totally back to get the child into the recline position - not the back only. It looks like the child could be quite uncomfortable with its legs in the air when lying back. Has this been an issue for anyone? Also, I found the Cherry hard to fold when trialing in the shop - does this just need practice or or it another gripe of the model?

maker Thu 20-Sep-12 16:09:29

The sling type seats are not the best like whats on the ICandy, but then again the Urbo isn't the best for quality or design.

Have you considered the Oyster? Might do all that you are looking for

Tiggywunkle Fri 21-Sep-12 15:59:40

Being honest, whether you like a bucket seat - like the Cherry - or a lie flat seat is personal choice. Some people prefer their child laid flat to sleep - but beyond 6 months - usually the age a child goes into a bucket seat - I don't see it being an issue. I personally as an adult hate being bent backwards at the waist to flat - as you do in a dentists chair or sun lounger. I would much much prefer to be tilted backwards and have my legs up! Strangely I was at the dentists only the other week and as I was laid back I realised how uncomfy I was, and I needed to wriggle and reposition myself to be comfy in the new position. I thought it must be hard when you are strapped in for a child to get comfy if like me they weren't after being reclined. Equally, pushchairs like the Cherry, do have adjustable leg rests so that you can position your child's feet wherever you wish. The Cherry is actually very easy to fold. I think you maybe need some advice re how to do it. I love the Cherry fold because the chassis just slides together and then its all so light to carry or to drag behind you.

The Oyster seat really is not the best for a child - it neither sits upright properly nor reclines and a child slumps in the seat. The Mutsy Evo is a far better seat for a child if you like this type of pushchair.

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