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Compete Buggy addict.

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tanialnz Sun 16-Oct-11 03:49:50

I need help, I just can't stop wanting a new buggy. I feel like I have to try them all or I'm missing out. I love all of them, vintage and new although I'm not really a fan of the Stokke or Bugaboo (sorry). When I was a kid I used to dream about what buggy I would have and used to go through the catalogues picking my favorite from each one - sad I know. I have managed to get my current collection down to 5 but I'm sure I will get itchy feet and pick something new soon, actually I have been eying up the BJ Elite Jogger. My main problem is that I'm now living in NZ and we don't have a great deal of choice here, so I have to admire from afar :0( Hubby thinks all of this is very funny.
Collection at the moment;
Mountain Buggy Urban (before P&T took over) like but getting a little bored
Very old MBUE still going but looking a little worse for wear - was given to me
Mutsy Urban Rider - I love it, but it's not perfect. Looks cool though
Silvercross Pop Vogue - bought for overseas trip next week. Ok so far
Chariot Cheetah - I love this and so does hubby, big but so light!

Anyway just looking for other addicts to talk buggy with, fellow mum friends over here think I'm mad! :0)

Tiggywunkle Sun 16-Oct-11 10:06:58

Hi, you need to join us on the buggy addict thread - the 'Here there and everywhere' one with loads of messages. That's where those of us mad enough to be pushchair addicts woffle! I too am eying up a Baby Jogger Elite but I was only saying last night I can't justify it with a new City Mini 4 on the way and a Babyzen. I think I will wait for a City Mini GT

HauntedPramsScreamsGalore Sun 16-Oct-11 13:47:35

grin over the years i have had over 60 now, i too love pushchairs and people think i am mad, i at present use a mima xari, orbit g1, bugaboo cameleon and a phil and teds verve, but i also have in the house etc, joovy caboose, joovy ergo, mama and papas freestyler, graco citisport, micralite fast fold, teutonia, jive buggy, and a couple of really of old ones in the loft. I am always looking at pushchairs, i just can not help myself grin, i have my eye on a bj versa when they come out and a micralite twofold, but will have to wait until next year for them.

HauntedPramsScreamsGalore Sun 16-Oct-11 13:51:40

oh and i also love wagons [but i can not find anyone who is into wagons sad ] and own a radioflyer pathfinder, radioflyer all terrain, step2 choo choo and a croozer kid for 1 bike trailer for my trike grin dp is begining not to see the funny side anymore, he is not amused grin

suzie38 Sun 16-Oct-11 14:39:40

I'm just pondering my 40th for my recent 40th Birthday and i've only got one DD who's coming up to 2 1/2...At present i've got a Bugaboo Donkey, Bumbleride Flyer, Bumbleride Indie, Bumbleride Flite (all imported), M&P Nuna, 2 Graco Citisports (grandparents use mostly), Maclaren Quest...Brio Go that's waiting for collection and this week i sold an Orbit Baby G2 that i only used 3 times as it just wasn't me, and i lost a lot of money on that one!!! Got these least amount at any one time now.

tanialnz Fri 21-Oct-11 05:31:43

It's so good to find like minded people! I will join the other thread, I love keeping an eye on what people have got, but feel so jealous that we don't have much over here :0( No m&p really, no icandy etc sometimes some good ones come up on our trade site - like e-bay but not that often so it's great to see your piccies and keep updated with what's new :0)

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