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Icandy Peach help required -max baby age/weight

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sabas Mon 01-Aug-11 20:28:05

Looking for some advice from other Icandy owners regarding the max age or weight that a baby/toddler will be able to use the pram. I met a woman last week who told me that she had the same Icandy peach that I have and that before the age of 12 months, she had to move her DS into a buggy as he would no longer fit in the Icandy.

Anyone with any experience? I am worried as I have spent loads on this pram and admittedly my DS does look like he wont have much room left especially headroom, and he is only 9m.

Tiggywunkle Mon 01-Aug-11 20:46:14

Don't worry! My children are 2.9 years old and 12 months old and they both fit comfortably into the Peach. Both are very tall for their age. My eldest has lots of headroom still (the hood slides up the chassis, and even then you can unzip the hood from the back of the seat to make it even higher). She also has plenty of width, and again the liner is removable giving several more inches of space. I haven't needed to remove the liner or unzip the hood to date. What you will probably find - and this is not unique to the Peach - is that as your DS gets older he may stop using the footrest and dangle his feet but it depends what he is like. Some days my DD uses the footrest, some days she doesn't. I will link to some photos in a bit - I can't get to them right now.

Tiggywunkle Mon 01-Aug-11 20:55:20

Tall 2 and a half year old in the Peach

PussInConverse Tue 02-Aug-11 16:36:39

I have the same concern! tiggy how does the hood slide up the chassis? Will go and have a play soon!

Tiggywunkle Tue 02-Aug-11 17:41:43

You simply push the hood up the chassis and it slides easily. I will admit that it doesnt stay there terribly well it's fine for an outing but needs pushing up each new use.
But I have just come back from shopping and my daughter is sat here next to me and the shoulder straps aren't even on the upper setting yet. She has several inches before her head reaches the hood frame, although soon she will rest on the hood fabric (which she did at 9 months in our Chameleon). I think what people don't realise is that children don't get an awful lot longer on the body - they do - but a child sits differently as they grow up. I mean my 12 month old is on the same harness setting and his feet when you look at him are near the end of the footrest. But toddlers sit more upright and their knees bend IYKWIM. I have this Peach on loan - it's my second - and when this goes, even though my eldest will probably be three, I would buy another Peach Blossom because she has so much room still to grow. I must stress my children are tall.

PussInConverse Wed 03-Aug-11 09:14:43

Thanks tiggy, I have a tall baby too, and didn't realise you could do that. We bought it especially to use as a double (although now not so sure I want DC2 quite so soon!!!), so that's useful, as feared the 2/3 yr old would have to walk.

Now to fix the handles. Really surprised at shoddiness of foam.

sabas Wed 10-Aug-11 23:53:10

Tiggy - Thanks so much, you have put my mind at ease, I will put off the search for a buggy for now, although will probably buy one at some point just for a easy means for the GPs to take DS out when they are looking after him when i go back to work.

Big thanks for posting the pic especially, as I havent seen a child much older than 12m in a peach so far in Glasgow! What you say about a toddler bending their knees and sitting in a different way makes a lot of sense, i never even thought about that!

Tiggywunkle Thu 11-Aug-11 00:03:04

Thats ok. I have just discovered as well that in another country the Peach is certified up to 25kgs which is a huge child - probably age 5. I can easily see how one would fit in the main seat unit, although I am sure they would dangle their legs by then as my does some days. I took some more photos at the weekend which I must upload...because I keep being told the seat units are small...but they really aren't!!

sabas Thu 11-Aug-11 00:12:57

Wow 25kgs, that is big! I love my Peach and want to get the max possible use out of it, especially after buy the whole system and then all the "extras".

Unfortunately my mum doesnt like it much, especially the fact that it doesn't fold in one piece, so I will need to get a pushchair in about 3 months for when i go back to work as parents will mind DS for 3 days. I will probably leave the buggy with them as storage for 2 prams will be a nightmare here

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