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Koochi Dizi? or a cheap holiday buggy recommendation?

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TaffyandTeenyTaffy Thu 26-May-11 20:40:36

Have been looking at the Koochi Dizi which is half price (£50) in argos at the mo. Looks ok, quite funky, and I like the idea of the free changing bag and mossie net that comes with it for hols - but I cant see any reviews or much more info about it anywhere. Anyone got one/had one and is it ok?

We are basically looking for a cheap and cheerful to take on holiday later this year - DS will be 18 months. I love my I-candy and the grandparents have a nice pram so its unlikely to get much use afterwards so I dont want to spend too much.

Or any other recommendations?


pramsgalore4 Tue 07-Jun-11 16:50:15

mothercare jive are cheap and really good as a second pushchair i have one for going on the bus.

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