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Does anyone have the Joolz Day travel system?

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RugbyWidow7 Sat 14-May-11 08:21:40

Both my DH and I are tall, so we whittled the enormous choice of buggys down to either the Stokke Xplory or Joolz Day, as they both have high-up chassis. We have finally decided the Joolz Day is the better option for us as it has better off road capabilities.

Before I take the plunge and buy this very expensive buggy, I would love to hear other peoples' experiences, as I have never met anyone who has one or seen one out and about. I hope someone on MN has one!

Thank you!

aswellasyou Sat 14-May-11 11:29:12

I don't have one but it is lovely looking. Have you seen the Joolz Day Nautic? I love it!

RugbyWidow7 Sat 14-May-11 21:40:05

it's lovely isn't it! I'm thinking of plain white smile

MintChocAddict Thu 19-May-11 23:15:56

I've got it in silver and so far so good.

DS has now grown out of carry cot part and into pushchair. Was told when we bought it that the carry cot part is fairly long as carry cots go, so you might get a bit more time before transferring to the pushchair section.

Can't think of a negative aspect TBH and have been using it for 9 months. Lovely bouncy suspension, baby nice and high up, reversible seat in pushchair which can lie flat, reclined or bolt upright, extendable handles for tall folk. Height of pram also means you can easily feed older baby in upright position if out and about and no high chair available.

HTH and congratulations smile (on the baby that is - not the pram choice. wink)

RugbyWidow7 Wed 01-Jun-11 22:00:01

Thanks Mintchoc

StueyB Sun 03-Jul-11 12:10:57

Hi, guess I'm cheating as a soon to be Dad here, but found this thread after a Google search.

Just wondered if you'd bought this Rugby and what you thought of it?

We were on the Stokke Xplory, but saw the Joolz Day yesterday and I really like it. Being quite tall, I really like the height... We can get either for exactly the same price, but we're not sure.

Would be great to see what you think depending on which you bought?

Olivia27 Tue 19-Jul-11 09:21:25

Hi Stuey,

When in doubt between the two; go for the Joolz. The folding is by far smaller than the Stokke. Seeing the demo of the Stokke and afterwards the Joolz folding my mind was made up. My car is not that big so I didn't have a choice really.....

Supsension is also unbeatable with the Joolz. Nice to have living in my part of the world. Best thing however is the perfect height and stability of the pushchair.

hope to have helped smile

x olivia

StueyB Sun 24-Jul-11 17:44:46

Thanks Olivia, certainly helped. We went back to see the Joolz again yesterday and have plumped for that.

Now we just have to decide whether we go for Denim, Red or a combination of both for our little boy to be. smile

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