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Which side-by-side double is comfy, strong and cheap second hand?

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saoirse86 Sun 24-Apr-11 19:40:24

My sister and I use a maclaren twin traveller for my DD and her DD to go in together, but now they're 7 months they don't seem to like it. It seems like they're constantly trying to get out of it and struggle to get to sleep.

We now want to sell it and buy something else, preferably parent (and auntie smile) facing, with bigger more comfy seats. My DD is very big but hers is average size/weight so we would like it to be strong so it'll last a while. We use the one we have a lot so it needs to be a good pushchair for regular use.

It would be really good if it was able to take a carrycot so that if, in the future, either of us has a second child we can use it both our 2 children.

The only problem is we can't afford a new one so it'd need to be second hand, maybe up to about £100.

I'm hoping you pushchair addicts knowledgable ladies can help! grin

saoirse86 Sun 24-Apr-11 20:15:01

I should've said, we want it to be side by side definitely, and it really needs to be small enough to fit in our mum's peugeot 307 which has a surprisingly narrow boot.

Too much to ask hmm

saoirse86 Sun 24-Apr-11 20:32:38

I think we know the answer to that.

aswellasyou Sun 24-Apr-11 20:33:41

Oops. I posted on your profile again. I wish your computer would accept that I'm not you.

FriggFRIGG Sun 24-Apr-11 22:16:44

even your computer knows you are twins...weird grin

i thing you may be asking to much really saoirse wink

maybe this though...

aswellasyou Sun 24-Apr-11 23:32:54

It is weird! grin
I've been looking at those even though I'm not actually convinced it'll fit in our Mum's car, but they're all either too expensive or too far away. It looks really comfy though.

Guildfordnanny Mon 25-Apr-11 10:29:09

How about a Baby Jogger City Micro? There's some good deals on them at present because they are being discontinued. I know it's a little more than your budget at £159 (free delivery) on Ebay, but it would probably do you well given you have two older ones. I suspect you would get your money back if you resold it later as second hand ones are going for similar money if you wanted to sell if you had another child (the seats don't lie back flat for a newborn) but for 7 months old they may well do (certainly in a couple more months they probably would). The seats are comfy but not parent facing, but it would last you years. There isn't much that is parent facing in the doubles world once babies are out of carrycots and they are all pretty expensive and most are huge folded eg the First Wheels City Twin, the M&P Duette, the BJCS, the Bugaboo Donkey, The iCandy Pear. That probably doesn't help much but it's hard to know why the babies aren't happy in their current pushchair and whether anything else would be better without you trying them in some.

Guildfordnanny Mon 25-Apr-11 10:30:25

BTW I worded that slightly wrong most are large folded but the BJCS and Pear are smaller folded.

upyourdiva Mon 25-Apr-11 11:12:21

Hi unfortunately I think you may be asking for too much.

Could you try getting a cheap double rear facer for walking and a small forward facer for your mums car? That might just be doable.

Also it's hard to say but I know at 7 months my son and my twin sisters hated being in a pushchair without a bumper bar because they could'nt lean forward without looking like they were hanging out of the pushchair, so I would suggest getting a pushchair with a bumper bar for them and see if that helps although obviously it is just a guess on my part.

The M&P Aria hasbeen used at DS' nursery since he started 3 years ago so it must be suitable for a sroller atleast but I think it can be used with a soft carrycot in future too for newborns. Not parent facing and I know some people hated the Aria but a friend liked hersingle Aria and used it for 3 years from birth with her DD.

The Babystyle Lux twin normally goes cheap on Ebay and is a big actually no massive rear facer.

aswellasyou Mon 25-Apr-11 11:59:12

Thanks for the replies. The babies aren't happy in it because the seat bends in the middle of their backs. This wasn't a problem until about 5 months because they were happy lying down but now they're getting more curious and want to sit up all the time. My single pushchair doesn't have a bumper bar and they both seem very happy when they're in it, so I'm not too fussed about having one.

I've been thinking about it and I reckon we could have a bulkyish pushchair as long as it's not too long. The Maclaren we have is 116cm long when folded and it is a major struggle to get it in our Mum's boot, but there is still some room around it.

upyourdiva Mon 25-Apr-11 13:41:48

Aswellas what do you mean it bends in the middle of their backs?

aswellasyou Mon 25-Apr-11 14:04:02

The hinge between the seat base and seat back is the middle of their backs. So when we put the seat into an upright position, they slump in the seat and look really uncomfortable. I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself.

FriggFRIGG Mon 25-Apr-11 18:39:48

id go for a baby jogger city mini/micro double then,not rear facing,but it ticks all the other boxes and i love them grin

Deflatedballoonbelly Tue 26-Apr-11 09:43:20

I used to have a M&P twin aria and I loved that. No carrycot but it lies completely flat. DD was 13m and DS was newborn and it was a big hit. lightweight, folded nicely.

aswellasyou Sun 01-May-11 12:17:19

Thanks for all the help. We've narrowed it down to a BJCM or a Jane Powertwin. Saoirse prefers the BJCM but I prefer the Powertwin so it's now a race to see which one we find cheap first. Amazingly, the Powertwin fits in the 207 no problems at all, but the baby jogger is too big so we'd have to take the parcel shelf off.

Jenzopos Tue 31-May-11 22:13:57

I have a double nipper 360...lovely to push and it even fits in the boot of my ford KA (just)

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