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Mamas and Papas Zoom 3 in 1

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boredbuthappy Sat 19-Feb-11 19:36:02

Anyone out there have this pushchair? I have bought it, I think I really like it, but there are no reviews out there, I googled it to death. I'm hoping no reviews is a good thing, usually people write reviews on things they don't like.

It's still in it's original box so if it turns out is a piece of rubbish, I can still return it!

boredbuthappy Sun 20-Feb-11 22:20:43

bump (sorry)

Really?? No one has bought this system?

givemespace Tue 22-Feb-11 16:38:53

i have the m and p herbie travel system i cant look up the zoom as im on my phone but i loved it, it was brilliant and nice to have a pram rhat looks nice it felt lovely to use. We had to buy car seat adaptors and car seat and isofix separately with the herbie but that was fine. Havent used the main pram much as i just got another pram as a present.

RhiRhi123 Thu 24-Feb-11 09:47:02

Hi, just thought i'd crash. I've just bought the mamas and papas zoom as got a DD on the way! i was looking for reviews when I found this thread! I loved it in the shop. The 360 wheel at the front makes it so easy to turn around. I got mine in the sale and think it was a bargain compared to most on the market atm expecially as it comes with the carseat the carrycot the childseat the isofix and the raincover! Not many travelsystems include all these things!

boredbuthappy Fri 25-Feb-11 17:03:07

Wow, where did you get it? I bought mine direct from M&P and had to buy the carseat separately, and it didn't include the isofix either. Bought mine a few months ago. I loved it too when I first tested it out, I was just wondering if anyone who has it and has been using it has had any problems with it. I really hope it's a good quality buy but there's no way of knowing until you start using it and run/don't run into problems.

RhiRhi123 Sat 26-Feb-11 10:12:21

I bought it from a small mamas and papas stockist near where I love they said they match their prices maybe it was as it was in the sale. It was less than £400 though. Can't wait to use it! I'm sure they'll be fine they have a guarentee though!

RhiRhi123 Sat 26-Feb-11 10:12:47

near where I live* whoops

boredbuthappy Tue 31-May-11 17:33:34

Just thought I'd provide an update regarding this pram, been using it for 3 months and IT IS EXCELLENT. I use it for daily walks and trips to the shops (on foot), it's perfect. It's on the bulkier side but is perfect for those who are out and about their neighbourhood frequently.

CJFSep11 Tue 21-Jun-11 12:10:34

We can't decide between the Sola and the Zoom - 4 wheels Vs 3 wheels. We will be using for a mix of everyday trips on public transport and longer walks at the weekend.

Does anyone have any experience of 4 wheels vs 3 or the Sola Vs Zoom?


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