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What are your top five prams?!

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mummyistheword Wed 05-Jan-11 22:42:52

Ok mine are...
1 Phil n teds explorer as double and single.
2. Micralite fast fold.
3. Out n about double nipper.
4. Maclaren xt
5 bugaboo bee.

If I confess...full buggy addiction here the rest of list is

6. Chicco mulitway
7. Chicco ct06
8. Bugaboo gecko
9. Mamas and papas nun
10. Quinny buzz, mainly for carrycot part, seat just too small for my liking!

Wish I'd never owned?......quinny buzz, mamas and papas 03 sport, m and p pliko,

llareggub Wed 05-Jan-11 22:43:36

I don't think I even know the names of 5 prams, let alone have an opinion on them.

suzie38 Thu 06-Jan-11 05:29:47

My top 5 so far are...
1...Bugaboo Bee Plus
2...Bugaboo Frog especially with snow wheels
3...M&P Nuna
4...Graco Citisport
5...Silver Cross Voyager pram

Also loved the Graco Metrosport...My DD favorite is the Phil and Teds Smart though rarely use it these days.

NancyDrewHasaClue Thu 06-Jan-11 05:34:42

I have had 5 buggies and about to embark on purchase number 6.

The bugaboo frog was the best buggy I ever owned by a looooooong way and the Mcclaren techno is the only other one I would recommend.

Thinking about a bee for #6.

waterbabe71 Thu 06-Jan-11 10:22:50

I love my Bebecar ipop

Only had one other pram and that was a Quinny which was useless!

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