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iCandy apple jogger wheel problems

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FessaEst Sat 13-Nov-10 17:47:25

Has anyone else had problems with the front wheel? Ours kept sticking and making a clicking noise. It stopped fully rotating, so I took it back to the retailer who got a replacement wheel mount from iCandy. Unfortunately this has only partly solved the problem, the clicking has stopped but the sticking is worse, so the pushchair only goes smoothly when going forwards not when being rocked or if the wheel needs to swivel.

The retailer has not seen this problem before (but they also say they have never seen the basket being worn through either hmm). iCandy have said that we have to send the whole thing back to them as they can't understand why this has happened.

I almost feel as though I am being accused of having done something wrong but can't think what that could be. Has anyone else had any difficulties?

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