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Do all buggies have a max weight of 15kg?

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TheBreastmilksOnMe Tue 10-Aug-10 21:04:47

I need a new buggy for my DS who is nearly 2 and he already weighs 15kg, not fat at all, in fact he is quite slim and a fussy eater but each buggy I have looked at has a max weight limit of 15kg approx age 3yrs. Is it just my son who is exceptionally 'heavy' for his age? What do most people do then because I can't expect him to walk everywhere it's just not practical. Does anybody knw of a buggy that will be able to carry him up to 3yrs?

makeupmummy Tue 10-Aug-10 21:12:47

my boy is two and two months,and is 19kilos and v tall. he fits quite happily into baby jogger city mini;may exceed weight limit,but it's fine. my dd aged 8 can also fit in it when she feeling lazy!! (tho she probably doesn't weigh much more than him!)

whomovedmychocolate Tue 10-Aug-10 21:12:51

Funnily enough ours is 16kg.

However I would say they do take a lot more than that - just that it invalidates the warranty.

You can get much heavier duty ones though - scroll down here

Hevster Wed 11-Aug-10 21:26:09

apparently if you look on the American websites you will get a different weight limit on the same model of buggy as they test them to a higher weight than we do in the UK.
Phil and Ted, Nipper and mountain buggy all carry to a higher weight and my toddler is fine in maclaren xt and she is just over 15kg and not quite 3

TheBreastmilksOnMe Thu 12-Aug-10 14:53:47

Cheers everyone, reassuring to know. I'll just choose a bugggy that I like the look of then and won't think of the weight limit.

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