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Has anyone bought a caravan in a caravan park and rented it out?

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IlanaK Sat 03-Oct-09 17:43:54

We are thinking of doing this in a caravan park in Devon we recently went to and really liked.

We were wondering what the pitfalls are to this, and what other peoples experience of doing this are.


IlanaK Sat 03-Oct-09 19:54:00


IlanaK Sat 03-Oct-09 22:02:24


HerHonesty Sun 04-Oct-09 15:46:58

only that the wear and tear would be significant?

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Sun 04-Oct-09 16:34:19

hello, we know someone who has done this and deeply regrets it - they hire it out through the major company that the site is owned by and basically it gets trashed, things get stolen, the ocmpany chrges them £40 just to change a bulb, they go through excess fuel even when not there and the company keep sending extortionate bills to replace oven pans etc.... unless you are lucky enough to buy one for your own sole use its not really a good investment unless you hire it out yourself to well vetted customers. Our friend basically feels she bought it so the company could hire it out - pay her the bare minumum and not care if it gets trashed. Feedback from others on the site in same boat is much the same.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Sun 04-Oct-09 16:36:45

dont do it, things get broken and you have to lock all your good stuff away all the time. mainly the parks are a real PITA and dont do what they say they will, dont care and do little to help hire it out for you unless theirs are fully booked. sorry

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Sun 04-Oct-09 16:38:43

these are the major park companies as well.......... we just went on a sun break and were disgusted at the state of the caravan even though it was less than 2 yr old - if i were the owner i would be gutted - the newer one we were transfered too was not much better.

IlanaK Sun 04-Oct-09 20:17:53

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We just got back from a Parkdean site in Devon where we had a lovely time and it was because of that we were thinking of it. The site was lovely and well maintained and the caravan was very nice (though it was one of their own, not a private one).


Ivykaty44 Sun 04-Oct-09 20:23:14

I have a friend who brought a static van in a camp in wales - after two years the camp decided to close for 4 months of the year, nothing they could do

They pay £2.5k a year rent and now 15 years on the lease is up. They have no where to put the static van - sites only want to sell new vans and have on site or point you in the direction of a new van from a company they get commission.

So they are going tohave to scrape a perfectly good van as they have to get it of site sad

He now say he wishes he had brought a caravan for towing and stored it on a site in devon, his friend has done this, and can also take caravan to france from plymouth on ferry and then store back in devon for weekends etc.

IlanaK Sun 04-Oct-09 20:44:06

Another good point - thanks.

On balance, it probably would not be a good idea for us to do this from the sounds of it. It just seemed a nice idea when we were there.

moomaa Sun 04-Oct-09 20:51:15

My Mum and Dad had one and it was a very positive experience. It depends on your attitude to it. We never had it over the summer holidays as that's when you can get the most rent from it.

Before the summer holidays started we went and totally cleared it out of all personal possessions. The furniture was mainly screwed down, everything was wipe clean, carpets are short pile, stain resistant ones, not sure how it can get trashed really.

They did charge a lot for things like broken plates, really you are paying for the hassle of them checking it's all there and getting one and putting it in there.

I have heard horror stories, I would say check contract carefully, take to a soliciter and get anything you don't ike reworded, I'm sure mum and dad had something put in there about the yearly fees being capped.

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