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Advice about what order in which do do things when planning on selling and buying a property

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notnowbernard Thu 24-Sep-09 12:18:57

Shall I get current property valued first and then see financial advisor about borrowing/what we can afford etc etc?

Or book appt with FA first?



MagNacarta Thu 24-Sep-09 12:21:47

What I've done in the past is ring a local estate agent that has sold a lot in your local area. Explain that you are considering selling and want to work out if it's financially viable so could they give you a ball park figure of the value of your house with no commitment from them. Then armed with this ball park figure talk to a FA.

Once you know where you stand financially then get the estate agent around to give you a more precise valuation.

notnowbernard Thu 24-Sep-09 12:22:55

Thanks smile

Is it a good idea to try 2 or 3 local ones?

Wigeon Thu 24-Sep-09 12:23:22

We got the house valued first, so then the financial adviser was able to talk us through various different scenarios (eg, if you get £x for the house and put in £y savings and borrow £z, then your monthly replayments would be £A. The financial adviser gave us an appointment about 2 days after I called, so there wasn't much delay.

And remember to get more than one estate agent round to value the house. In my area (Hertfordshire) they all seemed desperate for the custom.

Good luck with your sale! Our house went on the market on Tuesday and we have already have 5 viewings, with another 3 scheduled for Saturday, and it's by no means a palace.

Wigeon Thu 24-Sep-09 12:25:00

Sorry - cross-posted. Yup, definitely get 3 agents round, not just one. Ours all came straight to the house very soon after I called them up, rather than doing the valuation over the phone. At the point we got the house valued, we weren't even sure if we wanted to move, and were totally honest about that with the estate agents. They didn't seem to mind one bit.

notnowbernard Thu 24-Sep-09 12:26:28

Right. We call them later to make appts to come and value next week.

Have not met the FA but she comes with a v high recommendation (from family who have known her for years) so will get in touch with her too

Wigeon Thu 24-Sep-09 12:53:53

Hey, I've just found this thread!

notnowbernard Thu 24-Sep-09 19:11:26


paranoiabigdestroyer Wed 30-Sep-09 21:05:48

Resurrecting this thread as I'm getting one agent round tomorrow to value our house. We are tentatively thinking of selling but not sure yet - which I told the agent on the phone.

I really hope he's not going to be too pushy tomorrow about suggesting we get our place on the market now - I'm just really curious what we might get for it if we decide to go ahead in the New Year (I'm on mat leave just now so can't really move until I get my income back in January).

How long do you think the agent will take? Do you think I will have to sit through a big sales pitch from him as to why his company will offer the best service

How much does a general lick of paint really affect the chances of a quicker sale? Most rooms are pretty fresh but the kitchen and DS1's room is a little bit tired - but not really bad.

We bought this house as first time buyers nearly 12 years ago - so new to the selling game.

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