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THIRSK- Do you live there? Will you tell me all about it?

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Tobermory Sun 20-Sep-09 20:59:08

Just that really.

We currently live in a small village with some amenities, ie a shop and pub, but good transport links. Whilst we like to be surrounded by green stuff we are only 15 mins from 2 decent sized towns and 30 mins to 2 cities.

Def dont want to live in town centre and would prefer somewhere with a sense of community but not isolated.

Have a 2yo DD so would need to consider school and childcare.

Need 4 beds, decent size garden, parking, generous living space....

fatzak Tue 22-Sep-09 11:00:28

Hello Tobermory - not stalking you honestly!! What a coincidence that we live so near and I used to live in Thirsk!!!

We only lived there for a year and rented whilst I was in my first year of teaching.There are some gorgeous places around - I think my favourite place was Sowerby which is just outside Thirsk but still within walking distance and has a really lovely main street.

Most of the villages around are lovely - not sure which offer more than the other! Will have a think and post later grin

Loulou1999 Tue 18-Aug-15 10:46:10

Hi, I have found your question Tobermory and if you are still on here would love to know where you ended up!? we are thinking of moving to Thirsk with a 2yo and new baby and would love any tips on if there is anywhere to avoid? or where would people reccomend...
Its a long shot but wondered if you or fatzak were still here after all this time!

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