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Need help/advice regarding tenant in my flat. WWYD

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Antdamm Fri 03-Jul-09 06:41:59

Basically we rent our flat(which is in Scotland) out as we are currently living in Ireland. I started a thread in AIBU about him expressing his wishes to DP's sister about changing things within the flat.

He basically wants to take out our fireplace and replace it with his own and he wants to put carpet over our wooden floor in the hall - Dp's sister had said he could carpet the hall when he was shown around the flat by her (she doesn't care about the fat because it's not hers and she has no common sense, so it did not occur to her that I did not want my floor carpeted over without asking me first)

Now I have gotten in touch with DP's sister and told her to tell him that he is not to do anything major in the flat without our permission - as it is our flat and he signed a tenancy agreement saying he wouldn't anyway.

I was supposed to be going over to talk to him about all this at the end of this month, but now I can't. However, I would like to get the matter sorted with him. I think if I were to phone him I would not be able to articulate exactly what I want to say to him regarding the rules about staying in a rented flat - I'm not a phone person. My DP is not willing to phone on my behalf.

So, I was thinking of writing a letter to him - to remind him that its a rented flat, it doesnt belong to him but to me and DP. To say that he signed a tenancy agreement which states that he is to basically leave the flat in the same state he left it and is not make any changes/carry out work without the owner's written consent.

Basically, I need to know - am I allowed to send him a letter to the effect of - no you can't change my flat because you signed the agreement etc, is this a good idea or do I have to make arrangements to go over and speak to him in person?

I have had no contact with him since he moved in, which was the start of June this year. So I don't know if it is appropriate for me to write to him and basically say no to what he wants to change and remind him of his agreement that he signed.

BTW he only has a six month lease.

Any help would be appreciated as I really don't know what to do here. And if anyone does think I should write to him, what should I say???


moopymoo Fri 03-Jul-09 06:49:09

think absolutely a good idea to write to him and state that no alterations to the flat can be made or he will be billed for the cost of making good at end of the tenancy. I presume he has paid a deposit? he will lose this if he does anything. I dont think there is a big need to go over - maybe ring as well but def put it in writing with a copy of his contract. Keep it impersonal and professional, no need to put stuff about whose flat it is etc. havent read the other thread but am guessing you have issues with your sil?

Antdamm Fri 03-Jul-09 06:51:49

My goodness, it must be to early for me to be up. Just reread and HE or HIM is the tenant. Sorry. blush

Antdamm Fri 03-Jul-09 06:54:51

Yes moopy, we have issues....

Any ideas on how to begin a letter like that to the tenant???

I'm stuck. If I were to compose a letter myself, it would be very personal. I'm rubbish at this.

moopymoo Fri 03-Jul-09 07:02:41

dear (name)
RE: Proposed alterations to (address of property)

Please find enclosed a copy of the tenancy agreement that you hold with ourselves (name of you +dp if both are on it)
As per the terms of this contract, we do not agree to any alterations taking place to the property, including but not limited to replacing fireplaces or laying carpet. Any alterations made without permission will be in breach of this contract and will result in partial or total loss of the deposit. If additional cost is incurred when making good any unauthorised altertations, you will be billed for the cost.
I hope that this clarifies the situation. Please telephone (you or dp, not sis) on ..if you have any further questions.
yours faithfully....

Antdamm Fri 03-Jul-09 07:04:40

bloody hell moopy, that was fast grin

thanks very much for this, thats a really really big help.

I take it I should be printing two copies, and keep one here for my own reference etc

moopymoo Fri 03-Jul-09 07:05:08

swap one 'cost' for 'expense' on re-reading. I must get up

inscotland Fri 03-Jul-09 07:52:03

Make sure you send it so he needs to sign for it at the other end and send one through normal post. Just in case.

You are right to do this. I don't have problems with tenants doing stuff in our properties but it is with our agreement and to guidelines.

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