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We are moving to London and don't know where to live - HELP!

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momfrombrooklyn Sun 21-Jun-09 08:47:02

My husband will be working in Canary Wharf. And we have 3 choices, we can live in Greenwich (short commute, good park, ), Blackheath (a little longer commute, nice house but no playgrounds?) or Clapham (long commute, nice houses and good park). What would you do?

plantsitter Sun 21-Jun-09 08:59:43

I used to live in Greenwich and it's a lovely place to live, but Blackheath is great too. Are there really no playgrounds? Because I think I personally would plump for Blackheath.

Heated Sun 21-Jun-09 09:04:35

Blackheath has parks eg here

Heated Sun 21-Jun-09 09:11:08

Friends who lived and worked in CW looked at Blackheath, as CW is rather soulless. Greenwich was a bit cheaper house-price wise but there were happier with the schools/nursery provision in BH but they are all good areas.

Have you found a house? Or are work providing you with accommodation? If you are buying check out and

lalalonglegs Sun 21-Jun-09 09:12:01

I live in Clapham which is lovely but Greenwich is gorgeous and much quirkier and its park is a thousand times nicer than our common. It is very easy to get to CW from there (from Clapham is a bit more a grind). The only drawback, imo, is that Greenwich can feel a bit cut off - the only tube is at North Greenwich which is out on a limb, the traffic is always at a standstill etc, the overground train crawls along and always sits for hours outside London Bridge.

Blackheath is beautiful but a bit precious and, you're right, although the heath is a fabulous space, I can't think of any really good playgrounds in the area.

HerHonesty Sun 21-Jun-09 09:17:17

clapham really not that nice - not worth the commute. park is actually not a park, its a large roundabout. blackheath and greenwich are nice places, but agree with LLLLL (how long are they?) that it can feel a bit cut off.

plantsitter Sun 21-Jun-09 09:17:38

I used to get the train every day from Greenwich into town lalalonglegs and hardly ever sat outside London Bridge for hours. It's quite a quick service. I did have to stand with my face in someone's armpit of course, but that's no different from the underground really. I think once you live in Greenwich you realise it's not that cut off - for example it's quite easy to get to Canada Water station on the Jubilee line.

squeaver Sun 21-Jun-09 09:21:01

Blackheath is lovely - my bf lives there (although she ha no children so can't comment on facilities etc).

The other thing to think about Greenwich is that it's always crawling with tourists.

tattycoram Sun 21-Jun-09 10:20:53

I love Greenwich, I think it's far far nicer than Clapham, and Blackheath too. The park is one of the nicest in London and there are lots of quirky shops and cafes. A short commute is a big bonus.

squeaver Sun 21-Jun-09 10:22:02

Oh yes both definitely better than boring Clapham.

momfrombrooklyn Mon 22-Jun-09 09:40:09

Thanks Ladies for the good advice. Do any of you live in Blackheath? And if you live in Clapham, why do you think it's boring?

Ohforfoxsake Mon 22-Jun-09 09:44:29

I live in Wandsworth, a stones throw from Clapham and its lovely. Lots of green space, parks, and a real sense of community. Its very family orientated too.

You can be in Victoria in 20 mins, lowest Council Tax in the country, great schools.

I love living here and am very reluctant to move, although DP is being relocated next year so we are off sadly.

Which brings me to a very nice home with a big garden for sale... wink grin

LovelyDear Mon 22-Jun-09 09:45:52

Clapham is all traffic and busy-ness and blegh. i've lived just outside the area for years and it feels like a place in transit. plus school pressure is immense. Greenwich is fab for children with loads to do and a feeling of openness, plus really easy to get out to the countryside.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 22-Jun-09 09:53:58

I think Clapham has quite a transient population - lots of young single professionals doing their thing.

Its very different over here, but we still have the advantages of transport, bars and restaurants of Wandsworth Town and Northcote Road in Clapham.

Toots Mon 22-Jun-09 11:41:43

Think about Sydenham. Much cheaper, fantastic parks (Wells Park has brilliant child operated fountains to run around in), some very good eating pubs. Train to London Bridge BUT TUBE COMING NEXT YEAR!!!! or soon anyway. Tube to Canada Water lickety split. It's green here and really nice.

Sunshinemummy Mon 22-Jun-09 12:26:47

I also live in Wandsworth and love it too. Commute is fantastic (I work in CW) and we have lots of parks and child friendly facilities. Council tax is low and the council is fantastic.

goldenpeach Mon 22-Jun-09 18:02:53

Wandsworth is a very nice part of East London. Greenwich gorgeous but much pricier.

mamaeyes Mon 22-Jun-09 19:54:48

Lee/Hither Green area is just a stone's throw from Blackheath Village (5/10min walk) and is absolutely fantastic. Primary schools brilliant and Manor House Gardens is a nice draw - pond, playground, cafe and library with children's centre attached. It doesn't even feel like you're in London

1dilemma Mon 22-Jun-09 23:51:27

I second the Clapham is (relatively) crap bit and would like to point out that Wandsworth is not Clapham and the council tax is only cheap because you pay for things others get included.

Clapham has lots of young singles so the high street is awash with youff and vomit on a Friday/Sat.

Loved the description of the Common as a roundabout it's not (quite) that bad! But technically speaking is a roundabout grin

(golden Wandsworth is West London!)

If you're coming from NY to CW I'll guess you'll have fairly hefty re-location expenses and wont be needing to look at Hither Green (although Manor House gdns is lovely) I think lots of CW types live in Greenwich/Blackheath, both nice areas with good open spaces.
Are playgrounds really an issue? Could you stick a swing/slide/trampoline in the garden of your lovely house?

You might find the availability of schools particularly those which select vs those which take in order name placed on waiting list if you're going private) an more important issue.

(to Toots is Sydenham on the tube?!)

Sunshinemummy Tue 23-Jun-09 09:50:14

1dilemma actually I don't think that's true about the council tax. And Wandsworth council are fab - really responsive to anything and proactive in the community.

Sunshinemummy Tue 23-Jun-09 10:03:47

Also Greenwich is a cheaper borough than Wandsworth in terms of prices. Both lovely places imo.

HarrietTheSpy Tue 23-Jun-09 10:31:26

I think Golden Peach is thinking of Wanstead! Wandsworth is pretty darn west from where I'm sitting (very close to Wanstead - which is incidentally very nice smile.

1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 11:49:46

Oh it is you pay for removal of garden rubbish for example. I will think of some more examples later.

Wandsworth council is not fab from where I'm sitting

(for example I am one of over 300 people who didn't get a place in any Wandsworth school LA seems totally uninterested in doing anything about it)

Thanks Harriet I was struggling to think what goldenpeach could be thinking of grin couldn't get beyond Tower Hamlets for some reason)

Sunshinemummy Tue 23-Jun-09 12:35:22

OK well let's not get into a debate about them - I've found them great in my two years there - although I haven't had the schools thing yet, DS starts next year.

1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 13:46:49

At least you're hoping he does sunshinemummy!! grin

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