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cost of converting a bathroom back to a bedroom?

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raggedtrouseredphilanthropist Fri 12-Jun-09 11:57:31

I have just viewed a property I really like - it has so many good features to it.
BUT I want a 3 bed, and they have converted the 3rd bedromm to an ensuite. I know many people would like that, but I really want a 3 bed. And tbh this is the best house I have come across, but would want to convert the room back again.

Any ideas how difficult this is to do? Or how much it would cost?

missingtheaction Fri 12-Jun-09 12:03:45

depends entirely on what needs doing, but much cheaper taking a bathroom out than putting one in!

You'd need to strip everything out, probably replaster and rewire, redecorate, new carpet and curtains. Assume you will need to move the door from the bedroom to the hall, so a bit of extra kerfuffle but not too horrible if you can find the old doorway. Dunno. £3k? am guessing.

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