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Textured paint - can we plaster over it?

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slinky2008 Mon 08-Jun-09 10:25:06


Our previous owners mixed sand with kitchen/bathroom paint to cover the walls etc in the kitchen. Can this be sanded down and plastered over rather than completely removed? We managed to painstakingly scrape it off in the bathroom, but the kitchen seems a bit harder. I would consider tiling, but there are lots of fiddly corners, so it would be expensive due to all the cutting. AND the kitchen is fully installed.......Any advice appreciated.

GrendelsMum Mon 08-Jun-09 12:23:23

You could probably get the sand / paint mix off ludicrously easily with Klingstrip (you paint a mix on the paint, put clingfilm on it, leave it overnight, and then peel it off with the paint sticking to it), but it wouldn't be cheap. You can phone the company (unfortunately called 'Strippers of Essex') and ask their advice. It might still be cheaper and less messy on the kitchen units than sanding and replastering.

Wilts Mon 08-Jun-09 12:29:49

We had the most god awful heavy artex on our living room walls which my Dh spent hours scraping off. Anyway he was still doing when the plasterer came out and told him he shouldn't have bothered scraping it off he could plaster over it hmm.

Anyway my point being we had removed the artex from three walls and left it on one and there is no way from the plastering that you can see any difference between the walls.

slinky2008 Mon 08-Jun-09 12:40:20

Thanks guys, that's super advice. I have a plasterer coming tonight to have a look/give a quote and just wanted to have a few more options up my sleeve!

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