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I need to design a piece of playroom furniture....can anyone help?

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KatyMac Thu 08-Jan-09 15:22:13

I have a space 80 inches high 54 inches wide

I need to have 2 hanging rails for fancy dress one at 30 inches from the ground & the other higher

I would like a shelf 20 inches high by 15 inches deep

I came up with 3 x 17 inch shelves on the left with a rail underneath & my 20 inch shelf on the left with a rail under that and a table at the bottem

But that leaves a shelf with the egdes/corners about 30 inches from the ground & I think that is a risk

Can anyone visualise what I am talking about & make it better?

Jampot Thu 08-Jan-09 16:58:31

will this be in a recessed space ie. beside a chimney breast or just against a wall. If against a wall you could round off the wooden shelves to make them more nursery friendly. Could you not have just one hanging rail high up to accomodate all fancy dress clothes?

what are you planning on storing in this space?

KatyMac Thu 08-Jan-09 17:50:11

Sorry got caught up in teatime

It will be against a wall

The fancy dress needs to be accessible by the children

The Large shelf will have very large books on (nursery style books to share)

The other shelves will have a laptop showing a slide show of the children's photos a box of dressing up accessories & something else - but I am not sure what yet

lalalonglegs Thu 08-Jan-09 20:13:55

Large shelf at ground height and very sturdy (more of a box in construction with open side) that can be climed on/sat on, fancy dress rails above that with dividing upright piece of timber halfway along structure so rails can be set at different heights, more shelves on top of those.

KatyMac Thu 08-Jan-09 22:10:31

Yes, maybe

So I actually need:
a cupboard 26 inches wide & 32 inches tall with a rail
a cupboard above that is 26 inches wide & 50 inches tall
a High cupboard 26 inches wide & 20 inches tall with a rail below it, & below that a table

Does that make sense?

KatyMac Thu 08-Jan-09 22:50:26


A cupboard 27 wide & 35 tall
A cupboard 27 wide & 33 tall on the floor with a rail in (with a gap between)
next to a cupboard 27 wide & 20 tall with a rail beneath

lalalonglegs Fri 09-Jan-09 11:22:32

Sorry, you have completely lost me. How many books do you have? Would they fill the complete 54" width? If not, might it be better to have a basic 54 x 80 frame with two small shelves on top of each other in one of the bottom corners, maybe 20" wide each; a rail next to them to hold the shorter dressing up clothes, a rail above that one for the bigger clothes and shelves for general stuff at the top?

lalalonglegs Fri 09-Jan-09 11:26:03

You could get a pull down wardrobe rail like this for the bigger clothes so that the children could still reach them easily but they could be stored away neatly at the end of the day.

KatyMac Sat 10-Jan-09 12:05:06

I have tonnes of books.....

But one of the shelves would have a basket for dressing up accessories

STarting at the top left I would have

Shelf - basket with dressing-up accesories
Shelf - Spare......not yet allocated
Shelf - with laptop on showing a slide show of photos

& Top Right

Large shelf - for large books

(I think?)

BTW I love that rail - but I'm not sure I could afford it

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