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draughty fireplace.... can anyone tell me if this particular cure exists? or suggest any other ones

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wombleprincess Wed 07-Jan-09 20:29:45

my mother seems to think that you can get a chimmney block which you open when you have a fire and close after. apparently a lot of people on the continent have them.. but i have never seen one here.

does anyone know if do exist or recommend any other solutions

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:35:20

You can get chimmney balloons for your fireplace. Give me a sec and I'll find the website.

lalalonglegs Wed 07-Jan-09 20:39:53

I just get a load of newspaper, scrunch it up and stick it up the chimney (obviously I never light a fire in the hearth).

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:42:23

We have something similar tothis

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:43:08

Forgot to add, you obviously can't use the fire with one in situ!

wombleprincess Wed 07-Jan-09 20:45:48

i know what you mean re balloons but she seems to think there is more permanent solution, almost a shutter type thing which comes down when the fire is off...

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:52:50

In our old house we used to have just the thing you're looking for. It was a heavy duty metal flap on a hinge that you closed over when the fire was not is use. It looked quite old and seemed to be part of the victorian fireplace.

Perhaps you need to contact a fireplace specialist.

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:55:18

Here, I think. scroll down

jalopy Wed 07-Jan-09 20:58:46

Oops here

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