What are these lights called?

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Groovytiger Wed 24-Nov-21 22:29:15

It is very dark walking to our house from the car. I have seen some sensor lights that come on for a few minutes that I could put on the wall. I want something discreet and something that does not need to be wired up so would like them to be solar lights. And ideally something that could be stuck on as opposed to screwed in. Does anyone know what they are called and where I can find them?

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ComtesseDeSpair Wed 24-Nov-21 22:49:00

I know them as “follow me home” lights and we have a couple of these along our side access as it was easier than wiring ones in: www.dunelm.com/product/handy-brite-solar-led-spotlight-1000191831?defaultSkuId=30756613&branchCode=0175&ds_c=Lighting_Outdoor+Lighting_%5BGOO-LIA-LIGHTING-OUTDOOR%5D&gclid=CjwKCAiA4veMBhAMEiwAU4XRr1AJYkujsU35AXi5r_uwtlKUB9W5TBU37pQE16hOWOmbQk3i-IzayhoCIwEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

PigletJohn Thu 25-Nov-21 00:03:04

You can get "PIR Solar Security Lights" but you may find that battery charge life is poor. Lots of cheap ones on ebay. Consider them to be "disposable" as they are not built to last.

I have a different type, and fitted more powerful rechargeable batteries, so on long sunny days they build up a reserve, but they still run down in prolonged dull wintry weather.

You can also get LED lamps with non-rechargeable large "D" size batteries, which last quite well because LED use very low current. Aldi sometimes have them. You'd need them to be readily accessible though, or battery changes will be neglected. Possibly through an upstairs window so you don't need a ladder but they are out of reach of ne'erdowells. Mine have a "keyhole" screw fitting so I can lift them off the screws.

Whatever you use, I really think they will be need to be screwed to the wall or they will fall off.

Groovytiger Thu 25-Nov-21 00:07:14

They look great but as we will have ours on a low wall I don't need them looking like security cameras, just something slightly more simple

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PigletJohn Thu 25-Nov-21 00:19:58

this isn't the one I've got but I've tried something similar and they are quite bright. I don't know what the battery endurance will be like.

Maybe give this sort of thing a try? Very cheap. There are lots of similar products. look for an established UK vendor and be prepared for them to be rubbish.

RemorselessNorsemen Thu 25-Nov-21 12:34:43

Have a look for 'Mr Beams' lights. We have them up our very dark driveway and the batteries have lasted two years thus far.

Amazon sell Mr Beams.

Groovytiger Thu 25-Nov-21 23:26:56

Thanks so much for all these suggestions. I ended up ordering some Mr Beams and look forward to seeing where I'm going at night!

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trickyex Fri 26-Nov-21 10:01:19


I use this company for solar lights, not cheap but good quality and good customer service if any issues.

guinnessandblackcurrant Sun 28-Nov-21 20:46:02

We got these from Toolstation band they're fab

PigletJohn Sun 28-Nov-21 21:00:06


How long does the battery hold its charge? How close do you have to get for it to turn on?


guinnessandblackcurrant Sun 28-Nov-21 21:28:44



How long does the battery hold its charge? How close do you have to get for it to turn on?


No idea, but we've had them for a couple of months and not changed the batteries yet and the one on our fence turns on when I step out the front door, so I'd say at least 7 metres.

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