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PenguinWings Thu 14-Oct-21 10:28:08

Hi, I'm looking for some home insurance advice please. DH and I both answer emails and make calls on our work phones from home.
It's not our main place of work but we do each have our own desk at home.
We work for the NHS and the "business" absolutely isn't based at our house.

Do we need business insurance for the house?
It's adding about £1500 to our annual premium.

Thank you

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stackhead Thu 14-Oct-21 10:37:17

No. You need 'administrative use' included, which most include in standard wording. If you go through a comparison site, it'll explain this in one of the questions.

Definitely don't need business insurance if you're not seeing actual customers/operating servers etc... from your house.

PenguinWings Thu 14-Oct-21 13:10:32

Super! Thank you

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