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Help me plan a possible new roof/ location of windows/doors

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CaliRanch Tue 23-Feb-21 21:44:00

We’re in the process of buying a bungalow that’s been extended over the years. It’s currently got a room at the back that’s used as a bedroom. The EA photos made it seem light but in reality the ceiling felt very low and it felt very dark. It’s only got one window, behind you the minute you’re in the room, and behind the brick walls is the garden so it would be easy to let light in.

We want to make it a family room, our main living room. Think bright airy room with large built ins and tv, big corner sofa, cosy rug.

The roof:
A) replace the flat roof with a pitched roof and open up the ceiling?
B) add very large skylights or a roof lantern
C) leave it and hope adding new windows and doors will help

windows and doors:
A) remove the existing window (and radiator and sockets below it) and replace with French doors? And add floor to ceiling windows on the angled wall.
B) leave the window as it is and add French doors and additional window panels if there is space to do so on the angled wall?

We can’t even start looking for quotes until we work out exactly what it is we’re after so any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.

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BigGlasses Tue 23-Feb-21 23:25:38

It depends a lot on your budget. Doing the roofwillbeexpensive and I don’t think it is worth the expense. It might make it cavernous and cold. I think French doors where the current window is, and windows on the angle, and maybe even a slim one on the end wall too

Grimbelina Wed 24-Feb-21 07:45:35

The cost of a fixed window/door is much cheaper than opening. Why don't you put a huge fixed pane in the angled wall (almost full height so a window seat effect) and french doors where the original window is.

Changing the roof is very expensive so wouldn't do it, putting in a roof light/lantern less expensive but still fiddling around with the roof and joists etc. so would only do this when the roof needed replacing (if it isn't leaking, don't touch it!).

CaliRanch Wed 24-Feb-21 12:15:27

Thank you both, really useful advice. We haven’t been able to check the state of the roof yet (survey not yet done) but it’s something we’ll consider.

I’d assumed moving the radiator and electrics would be expensive and unnecessary but it sounds like that’s the consensus.

Love the idea of the picture window wall with bench seat, thank you for that.

This is the sort of feeling of room we wanted to aim for (thank you Pinterest):

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Grimbelina Wed 24-Feb-21 14:14:15

Moving a radiator and changing electrics is going to be easier and much cheaper than putting in a roof light (moving sockets is relatively easy and rads usually not much more difficult). You can always do it in two phases: do the window/doors now and if it still isn't light enough do the roof light later.

CaliRanch Wed 24-Feb-21 22:11:05

Thank you @Grimbelina, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Windows and doors now and roof later.
I’ve mocked this up today and love it so I think we have a clear plan now, thank you.

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