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NaturalStudy Tue 06-Oct-20 14:19:21

I'm sure you'll all tell me how long is a piece or string, but can anyone give me an idea of the price of a one storey extension to the back of a house and a separate extension over a garage? No fixtures or fittings. I'm rubbish at square footage but it would extend the kitchen and lounge by a few metres and add on another reasonable size bedroom. TIA

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Threetoone Tue 06-Oct-20 14:30:13

Gosh very hard to say. However, you’d need to think about some of these factors. Part of country you are in, soil conditions, closeness of trees to your property. Soil and trees will impact on how deep foundations have to be and how much steel.
Need to look at whether you could build over garage, if there are already foundations that are strong enough. A structural engineer could do some investigations.
A builder couldn’t accurately quote without engineers drawing most probably.
IME wouldn’t rely on an architect giving an accurate price.
Sounds like there will be some financial outlay on your part before you reach the point of having a realistic idea of cost.
As I said that’s my experience and probably not very helpful!

PaulaSmith1 Tue 06-Oct-20 16:01:44

And what part of the country you are in - London and SE is more expensive.

NaturalStudy Tue 06-Oct-20 19:13:47

Thanks both. I'm not SE but near a city which has SE prices. Are engineers drawings instead of architects drawings? So get those first and then ask a builder for a quote?

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