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clever storage solutions for smaller house

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AuraofDora Fri 02-Oct-20 11:24:02

We're moving to slightly smaller house with less storage than we currently have.
We definitely need a shed for tools etc but interior is stumping me a bit, if you've been in this position can you share your clever storage solutions?

Looking for inspiration TIA

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AmandaHugenkiss Fri 02-Oct-20 16:06:28

I lived in tiny London rental flats all through my 20s. Make use of all available space; under bed drawers are a fab one. Tables or stools with lids that you can put toys or bedding in. Benches with storage are great at the bottom of the bed or under windows. I have built in wardrobes all along one way in my bedroom currently, and only use two for clothes, the third one has tents, duvets, camping chairs, suitcases etc.

Ikea trones are also bloody amazing, not just shoes but paperwork, socks, underwear, scarves/hats/gloves....

QueenOllie Fri 02-Oct-20 16:08:12

Go up and under so shelves above doorways, and stuff under beds
Box off above kitchen cupboards, removable skirtings/planks

Fere Fri 02-Oct-20 17:12:27

All depends how much money you can spend on it. Bespoke cupboards and shelves will make massive difference.
Kitchen cupboards built all the way to the ceiling, cupboards above doors in bedrooms/corridor. In Poland we call them pawlacz (check google images). Ottoman beds and even storage under sofas are great places for storing winter clothes and bedding.
Generally speaking I am great fan of sliding doors because space behind ordinary doors is always wasted.
Look also for modular furniture for ideas.

longtompot Fri 02-Oct-20 17:26:11

I saw a really good idea in a house I looked at on Rightmove. They'd put in a huge pull out storage cupboard under the stairs which when it was in it looked just like a wall. Loads of storage in there.

Guymere Fri 02-Oct-20 17:31:35

Have storage in the loft. Move winter.summer clothes into it. I have canvass wardrobes in mine. Ditto ski gear, heavier duvets, Christmas decs and my hats. Plus all suitcases.

Built in wardrobes give extra storage. Agree with ottomans and I like bookcases, cupboards and shelves in lounges. Tall kitchen cupboards too. Shelves over doorways and make full use of under stairs space. If you have a utility room, fully fit it out with cupboards.

Also a summerhouse for garden furniture. If you have a garage, shelf units in the garage too!

Rummikub Fri 02-Oct-20 17:41:57

Make the most of under stairs space. The sliding drawers/ cupboard here gives lots of storage.
Wardrobes to ceiling
Ikea trones in narrow spaces (not just for shoes).
Multifunctional furniture - coffee table with storage.

JontyDoggle37 Fri 02-Oct-20 17:52:47

If you can afford to have your stairs altered, don’t just go for the under stairs storage, but have drawers fitted under each tread, so the whole staircase turns into a giant set of drawers

Somethingkindaoooo Fri 02-Oct-20 18:07:43

Use dead space in all cupboards.

So... use hooks on the underside of shelves to hang mugs.

In bedrooms, I built extra shelves above the hanging rails..

I've built shallow shelves to house flat items like baking sheets etc.

Shelf organisers in the back of cupboards to use the height

I built a floor to ceiling shoe cupboard - it's the width of a door, and only deep enough for shoes, with as many shelves as I could fit.

I have a wall of bookshelves

MrsJamin Fri 02-Oct-20 19:36:35

@AuraofDora and of course don't forget to be ruthless what you take to the new house. For eg if the item was broken / lost, would you pay to replace it? If not, get rid. You don't want to be in a house that's chock full of stuff you don't use much/at all.

DespairingHomeowner Fri 02-Oct-20 20:56:01

All of the above plus this

Going up, & having all furniture as storage furniture are the main ones I’ve found helpful myself

AuraofDora Wed 07-Oct-20 22:16:15

These are great ideas, thanks lovelies!

Off to investigate the links and tips and feeling like we can maybe do this small house thang

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