Chatham, Rochester, Strood and perhaps Maidstone

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Goldenstool Wed 09-Sep-20 23:22:38

Hi all, our son has got into a school in Maidstone and so we are looking to move there from Bexleyheath. We are also factoring in Medway or perhaps Kent grammar schools for our daughter in 2 years.
Does anyone have some information about what these areas are like please/anyone recently moved there too?

Chatham & Strood have a bit of a bad rap I know but is it still "deserved" please? Also with both Chatham and Strood where are the best areas/streets to avoid and which to consider for a good quality standard of living please?
Would be so grateful for any information.

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Rhoobarbandraspberries Thu 10-Sep-20 16:24:07

No, yes, no, possibly 😁. Grew up in Bexleyheath anc lived there until a few years back (waves) and visits in relatives in Chatham made Bexleyheath feel like Mayfair 🤣. Rochester is v pleasant and Maidstone is fine, just much like Bexleyheath really. In fact I refused to move there for that reason as I felt we were swapping like for like. However, if your son is at school there then surely it is the sensible choice? DH originally from Strood and he always complained it was a bit ‘villagey’ and narrow minded where everyone knew everyone else’s business, but maybe that was just his family as they have a tendency to that 🤣🤣. Plus it may well have changed...

EmRowe3 Fri 11-Sep-20 12:29:07

Hi, The area of Chatham you are looking at is very desirable, its close to Chatham train station, but not so close that you get any of the town centre hassles. There is an established council estate on and around White Road, but Park Crescent is probably far enough away from it. I've heard good things about New Horizons Academy (Primary school) which will be right on your door step. It might be worth checking what the road looks like between 8:30-9 am and 3-4pm and think about whether this will impact your family routines. The Chatham - Maidstone Road is well serviced with buses. The transport links to the A2 and M20 are brilliant, but the roundabouts at the top of Blue Bell Hill (A2 - A229) do get quite congested during rush hours. Fort Pitt Grammar School for girls is not far from where you'd be and still has an outstanding reputation for academic success and pastoral care for the girls who attend.

Rochester is a bit hit and miss and often has issues with parking close to your house. I often find its a bit over priced compared to Gillingham or Chatham. Good luck with your house search, i hope you find somewhere soon.

sallyshirt Fri 11-Sep-20 12:45:23

Maidstone would your best bet surely?

The others aren't worth the commute for your son. Where do you and your dp work?

What is your budget? There are nice places in the shittiest of places if you have enough dough!

AriettyHomily Fri 11-Sep-20 12:49:00

Oh goodness no, I wouldnt live in a Medway town.

Its a pretty long journey back into the Kent grammars too.

I don't like the 'eef' but why have you got your son into a school in Maidstone?

MindatWork Fri 11-Sep-20 17:21:27

We live in a village around 20 mins drive from Maidstone that is also on the mainline train to London. Kids use the bus to go up to school in town and then others go grammar schools in the other direction on the train. There are loads of lovely villages surrounding the town with a nice community feel and good amenities. Feel free to pm me x

MindatWork Fri 11-Sep-20 17:25:20

Also, Chatham to Maidstone would be an awful school commute - there are 2 girls grammar schools in Maidstone or would you prefer co-Ed?


catspyjamas123 Sat 12-Sep-20 14:35:20

The Medway towns are massively underrated and there are some fab areas and good schools but you have to pick the right bits. Lots of leafy suburban streets and it’s safe. But the commute from Medway to Maidstone is almost impossible because of traffic.

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