Which size wall tiles for a 100x80cm shower enclosure?

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BewareTheBeardedDragon Sun 23-Aug-20 20:34:58

I need a new shower and am wondering which is the best size of tiles for it. Enclosure will be 100cm x 80cm and tiles could come slightly over to the outside to avoid cuts if needs be. I just want simple porcelain tiles, the largest size possible to avoid excessive grout to clean, but I'm wondering if it'll make things difficult if I get such huge ones that holes need to be drilled for the shower fittings? Or is this a perfectly normal thing that any competent plumber/tiler will be equipped and able to do?
I don't want to spend a fortune, and want to make the tiling as simple and quick as possible - but I want a nice clean finish...

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Mosaic123 Sun 23-Aug-20 23:23:25

Huge tiles are not liked by tilers. To heavy to move about.

Africa2go Mon 24-Aug-20 00:25:17

Ours are huge, I think 45 x 80cm. Tilers didn't have a problem. So much better than small tiles.

DoubleDessertPlease Mon 24-Aug-20 00:51:34

I went with 600x300 porcelain for my shower, I wouldn’t go smaller tbh. To drill the holes for fixtures, etc your fitter (or you!) will need a specialist diamond tipped drill bit, they’re not cheap but make it possible to drill the porcelain no problem. My fitter did this without any problem, although did admit he hated porcelain tiles for this reason! Tbh I suspect they’ll need to drill these whatever size of tile you get anyway, so just get the tiles you like the looks of most!

BewareTheBeardedDragon Mon 24-Aug-20 01:00:02

Thanks all - I was looking at some which are huge and I did wonder how the heck they don't fall off the wall shock but presumably they don't because they wouldn't sell them otherwise. Good tip about diamond drill.
I currently have metro tiles - soooo much grout. Shudder

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