Advice on best Basingstoke, Chineham mainstream primary junior school place for an 8. yo with SEN and an EHCP

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Crazycatlady83 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:18:42

Have you tried posting on “Hampshire EHCP experiences” or equivalent Facebook group - you may get more specialised knowledge of the local area there?

curran13 Sun 02-Aug-20 21:14:36

Hi I am potentially moving to Basingstoke to work at North Hampshire in Chineham. I am dreading this move during this time and for my daughter has she has SEN with an EHCP (ADHD and SPD) and she is in a wonderful school now and so I need to find a similar state school (mainstream) for her where they have a positive approach to SEN children. Her first school in East Sussex was awful physical restraint and exclusions for a 5 yo I do no want to repeat that again. Can anyone with experience of SEN recommend any primary schools in that area? She is 8 years old and the hospital postcode is RG24 8GU.



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