Which size shower enclosure?

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flummingbird Sun 21-Jun-20 12:22:55

I'm redesigning my fairly small bathroom at the moment and want to remove the bath and put in a shower.

I can have a 1000x800 and plenty floor space, a 1200x800 offset quadrant with reasonable space, or a standard 1200x800 with not a lot of space.

If you have a stand-alone shower, is yours a good feeling size and if so what size is it please? Whichever I get will feel bigger than my over bath shower that I currently have!

All 3 options should have pictures...

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Africa2go Sun 21-Jun-20 12:47:26

We have 1000 x 800 and it feels plenty big enough. Just one point is that the shower is on the 1000 side (as in your first pic). I think you need the space that way, rather than the shower head on the shorter wall (as you have in your second pic). If you stand under the shower in your second pic, not sure what you'd gain from the extra 20cm in front of you if that makes sense? If you do go for the 1200 x 800, put the shower head on the 1200 wall.

Personally, i think quadrant showers look a bit dated and so I'd rule that out.

flummingbird Sun 21-Jun-20 13:34:13


Yes that's what I think about the quadrant too, although the offset one doesn't look as bad to me but they don't have one on the design website so
I've had to make it up...

I don't know why but I have in my head I need/want bigger than the 1000 one. And if I'm doing it I want to be happy with it. It's the age old trade off for space isn't it, I can't have space everywhere.

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DeeplyMovingExperience Sun 21-Jun-20 17:00:23

We have a 1200 x 1200. Not easy to get hold of, but so amazingly roomy and luxurious. I think you could get one in that space.

flummingbird Sun 21-Jun-20 19:15:32

I wouldn't be able to open the door, ha ha. But thanks! 900 would be max width...

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Belindabelle Sun 21-Jun-20 19:25:16

For the past 15 years I had 1200x900. I now have 1100x800 and I can’t really feel a difference. My shower head is on the short wall as I like a water free area to shave my legs whilst waiting for my hair conditioner to work i is magic.

flummingbird Sun 21-Jun-20 19:43:07

Ooh thanks! I'm hoping to get away with an 800 to make the room feel slightly bigger...

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Pipandmum Sun 21-Jun-20 20:25:14

I have had a 900sq and that was ok, 1000sq was luxurious. Never had bigger than that.

Jenjenn Sun 21-Jun-20 20:35:49

Look up angular quadrant showers, they dont look dated in my opinion and are great for small spaces.

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