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Sea or hills and reasonable price.... Where?

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Blue5238 Tue 19-May-20 20:16:09

Possibly in lockdown dreamland, but if we were to sell up in London for a life in the countryside.... Where would you recommend? I'm assuming I'd need to take a significant hit to income (start business from home rather than commute). We love the sea and trail running in the hills. Love the Yorkshire dales and Moors. Much as I love north-west Scotland not sure if I could cope with the weather. Where might I not have thought of, where prices are half reasonable?

Gutterton Tue 19-May-20 20:52:15

Need a ball park figure and rough requirements - detached house or seaside flat.

I would want both sea and hills and also at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere touristy or with lots of second homes. A friend moved out of London a couple of years ago and they said that if they were roughy 5-10 miles back from the coast the prices plummeted - but it was still near enough to hop in the car for a walk on the beach.

foodtoorder Tue 19-May-20 20:54:20

How about very south somerset/Dorset/Devon border area? Very near coast and also lots of hilly walks.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 19-May-20 20:55:03

Whitley Bay

ReceptacleForTheRespectable Tue 19-May-20 20:57:50

There isn't anywhere in the south that has hills anything like even the Dales or Moors, let alone NW Scotland!

Have you considered Northumberland OP? cheviots on your doorstep, and the coast nearby.

keeponrunning85 Tue 19-May-20 20:58:10


Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Tue 19-May-20 21:01:09

North Devon. Lovely sea, moors... and not as remote as Cornwall.

BammBamm Tue 19-May-20 21:09:28

Northumberland. Amazing coastline.

BrieAndChilli Tue 19-May-20 21:18:24

Devon, easy access to sea and the moors.

Srictlybakeoff Tue 19-May-20 21:37:29

Dumfries and Galloway - the slowly coast. Not as spectacular as nw Scotland but weather is much better. Property is very reasonably priced. There are walking and mountain biking trails , and lots of properties by the sea.

MrsAvocet Tue 19-May-20 21:40:24

Another vote for Northumberland - there are some stunning places. Or Cumbria. The tourist hotspots like the Windermere area are very expensive but further afield its quite cheap. You could look at the Solway coast, up towards Carlisle. Its pretty flat but there is easy access to the Lakes. Across the Solway you've got Dumfries and Galloway which is also beautiful and fairly inexpensive. There are also some lovely places in Lancashire coast. No mountains as such, but the scenery in The Trough of Bowland is lovely. There are some pretty coastal villages north of Blackpool and around Lancaster too. We've got family in western Scotland (the Argyll region) and I wouldn't say the weather is much different to the North of England really. Access to stuff like healthcare can be an issue - not routine stuff, but getting specialist opinions etc can be tricky - as can just getting stuff in general as a lot of companies don't deliver to the Highlands and Islands or charge a lot to do so. But I guess that kind of thing is a potential problem anywhere rural.

Srictlybakeoff Tue 19-May-20 22:01:09

Solway coast - not slowly

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Tue 19-May-20 22:09:43

Wooler? Right near the Cheviots but also not a huge drive to the sea. Chilly though.

mapsie Tue 19-May-20 22:12:03

DH & will likely be wfh much more - already do 1-2 days a wk. We are looking at Hampshire as we get so much more for our money vs London.

wantmorenow Tue 19-May-20 22:28:04

Lots of hills here in Wales. We have mountains too and lots of sea. Cheap and transport to London good from South Wales especially along M4 corridor.

Blue5238 Wed 20-May-20 07:33:10

Thanks all. Lots of people saying Northumberland which I really should visit as I've not been since I was a child.
More Rightmove browsing coming up!

Lightsabre Wed 20-May-20 08:20:25

For proper hills, Cumbria, Scotland, Snowdinia area. More gentle hills and sea nearby then somewhere like Lewes in the South Downs. Weather obviously better down south but more £££ for housing.

itsonlyforevernotlongatall83 Sat 23-May-20 12:27:08

Malvern Hills are beautiful and only 15 mins to Worcester city centre, a hour to Birmingham, direct trains to london from Birmingham if needed 🙂

francienolan Sun 24-May-20 10:56:24

Can't believe no one has said Folkestone yet! Gorgeous seafront, lots of lovely villages in the North Downs just to the north.

Jennyie1 Wed 27-May-20 09:19:10

West coast Wirral

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