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Any idea how much to supply & fit guttering?

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FuriousGeorge Sun 12-Aug-07 17:08:48

we are having our garage re roofed & the builders have discovered that the guttering is on its last legs.I know they are telling the truth because the neighbour who's garden it faces,told me the same thing.

The builder is due to let me know tonight,how much extra it will be to replace it & I'm almost sure we'll get him to do it,but just wanted a rough idea so I can tell if he is being reasonable or not.The amount to be replaced is about 15ft long.

Many thanks

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 17:14:50

We're having front and back done (about 25'each) for just under £800

FuriousGeorge Sun 12-Aug-07 18:02:47

!Really LIZS? I had no idea it would be so much.You can buy the guttering for £6 per metre.If he quotes us anything like that I'll be doing it myself!

Thanks for letting me know.

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 18:54:09

It depends if you need scaffolding or can work off ladders, but takes at least 2 men . We're also having some tiles changed which came out cheaper than expected.

FuriousGeorge Sun 12-Aug-07 20:15:13

Ahh-scaffolding.I didn't think of that.Ours is a flat garage roof which they can get up on with a ladder,so hopefully it will be cheaper.
[I've been up there too,but I don't like heights!]

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 20:18:34

btw we're not having scaffolding either, that would have added even more, but it will take at least 2 men most of the day. Guy came recommended and he will knock some off if we let him put a board up. Will be interested as to how much yours is perhaps we were naive . It was within the amount we knocked off the house price to allow for it

FuriousGeorge Sun 12-Aug-07 20:49:22

Hey thats ok then-its not like you are paying for it in that case.We did the heart ruling head thing & didn't get anything knocked off ours as we had waited for 10 years to move to where we are & other people were interested.2 years down the line,there is so much that needs doing.I'm beginning to wonder if we were wise.

Builder hasn't rung yet,but I'll certainly let you know what he quotes.

FuriousGeorge Mon 13-Aug-07 20:14:18

Phew it was £150 for the guttering.I was expecting a lot more,so it was a nice surprise.

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