Matt-black & wood kitchen - anyone have one / planning one?

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another20 Wed 04-Apr-18 20:53:22

I am inspired by this link above - our kitchen is large and v bright (one wall all glass and large roof lantern) so can take it....I would love to have a Henrybuilt - like the simplicity.

Anyone else going for this look an want to share notes / thoughts?

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tethersend Wed 04-Apr-18 22:15:49

I've just got an IKEA Kungsbacka kitchen with wooden worktops. I love it so far, although it's early days!

tethersend Wed 04-Apr-18 22:19:17

This one

another20 Wed 04-Apr-18 22:25:29

Stunning....did you go with the IKEA kungsbacka handles and did you paint your walls/splash back black as well? Any pics?

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tethersend Wed 04-Apr-18 22:37:36

No pics yet, will post some once the splash back is in- I went with a very gaudy wallpaper splashback from Kitchen walls, which I appreciate isn't to everyone's taste. I'd have done black otherwise. Went with the short kungsbacka handles, wasn't keen on the long ones or the leather ones.

another20 Thu 05-Apr-18 00:20:33

OMG - are you me? I have chosen this wallpaper in orange
-- too timid for kitchen - so thinking utility

--- and same decision for the handles - just the short ones.

What wood did you go for ? and did you have to tie in with wooden table / floors / chairs / stools?

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Diseno Thu 05-Apr-18 04:02:34

Here is a f&b off black matt lacquer with white/window seat at the other end


tethersend Thu 05-Apr-18 22:35:48

That's so funny, another20- or maybe we're just hopelessly influenced by the same Pinterest boards grin

I really like the contrast of that paper with the black kitchen if you're brave enough to do it- I say go for it!

I ended up with an oak laminate as budget was a big factor- although I have to say it looks pretty good. If I was going for real wood I'd get something like the first pic I posted, honey/teak tones.

tethersend Thu 05-Apr-18 22:36:39

No wood matching needed- have gone for cork flooring which has the same tones as the worktop

another20 Thu 05-Apr-18 23:58:36

Oh I love that Diseno - where are your units from and your floor?

tethersend - I am concerned about real wood work tops from a practical point of view.....was thinking laminate or quartz on work tops near sink and hob and real wood for island for minimise the issue?

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parkview094 Fri 06-Apr-18 08:21:31

Go for it! Matt Black works well for both a modern and traditional look I think, especially in a bright space. That said, when colour hunting, we looked at several near-black kitchens in otherwise relatively dark rooms that worked just as well.
We went for a more traditional look - matt very dark grey..

another20 Wed 11-Apr-18 23:40:29

park never thought of it for traditional -- looks the wooden floors with it.

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Slfthor Mon 20-Aug-18 10:21:44

Looking great!
What color code was used to paint the wall? I'd like to know the Kungsbaca anhracite grey color code so that I can do something similar....

Many thanks,

Hitchyhero Sun 13-Sep-20 21:27:59

Bumping up an old thread but I really want to know the quality of this kitchen.

I've have a kitchen design tomorrow and was really looking at the kungsbacka kitchen but I've read a few reviews and it was rated 1 by many, with a lot of people saying they can't get it clean and it looks terrible after several months.

Lily7050 Sun 13-Sep-20 22:33:09


No wood matching needed- have gone for cork flooring which has the same tones as the worktop

@tethersend: would you mind to share what make/type of cork flooring you installed in your kitchen and how did you find it cleaning/maintaining? I was not there is only one type of cork flooring suitable for kitchens.

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