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Loft layout help?

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Linguaphile Tue 13-Feb-18 16:52:06

I'm having trouble making a decision regarding our upstairs loft conversion. Altogether it has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom plus an open plan kitchen/lounge. In the current layout, you go up the stairs and can go through one of two doors off the landing. The first door is for like a 1 bed flat (I.e. one door to access the kitchen/lounge plus one bedroom and one bathroom) and the second door off the landing is an extra bedroom. We have the option to re-jig the entry layout so that the extra room is accessed from inside the flat vs outside so that the whole floor is like a self-contained 2 bed flat instead of a 1 bed flat with a random room outside off the entry landing.

It will cost 2.5k to move the walls (supporting, annoyingly) to make the extra bedroom up there part of the flat.

The layout isn’t quite as nice coming up the stairs if we integrate the extra bedroom as it would be just a small landing with a single door at the top of the stairs and no natural light (vs the current layout with a bigger landing with natural light coming in from the spare bedroom doorway). On the other hand, though, I'm wondering if we'd be missing a trick having a random room up there next to a 1 bed flat that's not integrated with the rest of the space if that makes sense. 🤔 Feels a bit of a waste if we ever wanted to rent it out, for example.

WWYD? Is it better to make it a proper self contained 2 bed flat straight away? Or better to leave it as is and call the other room an office or something?

DonaldWeasley Tue 13-Feb-18 17:05:41

Why are you converting the loft? To let it out or ?

Linguaphile Tue 13-Feb-18 17:18:35

Possibly to let it out, otherwise to use for family and guests and potentially one day for parents if they want to come live with us.

DonaldWeasley Tue 13-Feb-18 17:50:37

The most flexible way to do it would be a door to the hallway and then the two doors off it, so you could close it off either as a two bed or one bed. Diagram would help though!

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