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Fridge freezer dilemna -American style or integrated

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Suomynona Thu 26-Oct-17 11:14:28

Another design dilemna in planning the kitchen of our 1960s renovation (for rental).

Is the general preference for American style fridge freezer or standard British style, integrated so not so visible?

I like both for different reasons.


whiskyowl Thu 26-Oct-17 11:36:37

I think it matters more what fits with your design/space!

Integrated fridge freezers can be more difficult to swap out in the event of a fault, if you're in it for the long term.

American fridge freezers can be very dominant in a smaller space.

Suomynona Thu 26-Oct-17 11:39:47

Thanks. We can design the kitchen to make either work. Here's one design for the kitchen that gives an idea of size (this isn't our final design, just one option from one of the companies we're considering).

whiskyowl Thu 26-Oct-17 11:48:55

To be completely honest, I dunno if there's space in that room for an American style one without reducing the cupboard space too much for comfort. You're pretty tight for room.

To fit a full height integrated one comfortably, I suspect you'd have to lose some of the worktop on the LHS.

tdm1 Thu 26-Oct-17 11:55:03

And beware of getting an american style appliance which has such a narrow fridge and freezer you can't even put a pizza box flat! Having seen this in friends' kitchens, I chose a freestanding wide fridge above, freezer below - same volume as an american style, but much easier access.

madameweasel Thu 26-Oct-17 13:26:42

If it's for a rental, I wouldn't bother with either. Integrated fridges and freezers are more expensive (for the amount of internal space you get) compared to free standing and are a pain to replace as you're then stuck with the dimensions of the unit they're fitted into.

American style ones have quite restricted freezer space (especially if you have an ice machine/water dispenser) unless you get the French door style with a freezer drawer at the bottom, but they are usually even more expensive than standard American ones.

PigletJohn Thu 26-Oct-17 14:29:25

OOI, my neighbour bought an American style, and had to carry it through my garden and through his patio doors as it wouldn't fit through the front or back door.

feve17 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:00:52

I'd go with integrated in that room. American fridge freezers are so overpowering & it will either require deeper units around it, which will make the room feel smaller; or it will stick out of the front of normal units.

MiaowTheCat Sun 29-Oct-17 12:07:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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