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Ensuite bathroom dilemma

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cocoboots Sun 15-Oct-17 11:21:59

Complete novice here, first house. We need our old ensuite completely ripping out, a couple of small walls/units knocking down in the space and then totally new suite, tiling, painting, etc.
Someone recommended a very good bathroom fitter to me, he's fully booked for months etc, but when he came to take a look he said he doesn't do any tiling, painting, or plastering, so i'm not 100% sure I want to pay him £800 a week to 'fit' the bathroom, then pay for a tiler/plasterer/painter on top, as well as all the materials and new suite.
I was thinking of hiring a builder to do it, someone who can do the complete job, but again I want a good finish etc etc.
I just don't know where to start. Do I buy the tiles, paint, loo / shower etc now? I've heard different things, and i'm a bit lost really!
Any advice on what other readers have done regarding new ensuite bathroom overhaul? Current ensuite has carpet floor (!) wallpaper, very old fashioned etc. TIA

SuburbanRhonda Sun 15-Oct-17 11:28:24

We found a plumber who had a mate he brought with him to do the tiling. Lots of tradespeople put work their mates' way as it's rare for someone to be able to do everything.

Similarly we hired a builder to decorate and replace the ceiling in our spare room and he sub-contracted to a plasterer (who only does plastering).

SuburbanRhonda Sun 15-Oct-17 11:29:31

Oh and we chose the bath, toilet etc and the plumber bought them.

Misstomrs Sun 15-Oct-17 11:30:23

We had to rip out the bathroom in our last house as it was dreadful. We had one plumber to do all the work - ripping out etc - but got a separate person in to do the plastering and decorating. We had the same scenario with one do the shower rooms in our new house. In my experience it is worth getting people in who specialise in particular things rather than a jack of all trades builder who will be better at some parts than others. Tiling particularly I would advise getting someone who has this as a specialist skill, rather than a builder type who does a bit here and there. Honestly though if this chap will only fit the new units I think it would be worth shopping around to get a plumber who can also do the tiling. That's what we did and the finish was excellent. Good luck.

Misstomrs Sun 15-Oct-17 11:32:02

Sorry, missed the second question. We ordered all of our bits online but the plumber checked them to make sure they were ok, electric shower etc. HTH.

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