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Extra home insurance required?

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WidowTwonky Fri 13-Oct-17 15:44:06

We currently have a boarded up opening around the back of our house. Doors aren’t due to be fitted until late Nov.
We are going abroad on holidays for 2 weeks in between. Obviously it’s not ideal to leave the house in this state, but it is what it is smile

Is there an extra house/contents insurance that would cover me in case of a burglary? I don’t know, but suspect, that my current coverage would be invalidated by the fact that the house is not secured by lock and key.

PestoSwimissimos Fri 13-Oct-17 16:46:55

Don’t waste your time asking Mumsnet, ring your Insurance company.

namechangedtoday15 Fri 13-Oct-17 16:48:42

You'll find I think that most house insurance (certainly buildings insurance but probably contents too) require you to inform your insurer when you have works done. When we started an extension we had to tell the insurer with details of what we were doing and our premium went up about £15 a month (we have combined buildings & contents).

WidowTwonky Fri 13-Oct-17 17:05:14

Brill, thanks name. I’ll give the insurers a call tomorrow

WidowTwonky Tue 17-Oct-17 00:32:37

Contacted my insurers and nothing extra required. They’ve made a note and I’ve to ring them back once the work is complete.

Fingers crossed everything stays intact in these winds

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