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Utility Room or 2nd bathroom?

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BlueAutumnSkies Fri 07-Jul-17 15:27:36

We are purchasing our first home and it has been completely renovated through, except for a small utility/shower room which looks an absolute mess. The room is quite small, around 1.8m x 2.2m. I can't get my head around what to do with it and wondered if you lovely people had some ideas of how to use the small space?

At the moment there is a shower, toilet, washing machine and sink.
Sadly there is no space elsewhere to put the washing machine and we do ideally need the tumble in the colder months (baby on the way and a toddler that enjoys his messy play). In my head I am thinking ditch the shower and toilet and have a really nice utility room but then I second guess myself and think the second toilet could be really handy!

Please help me oh wise ones, I usually make a mess of interior design! :D

SwedishEdith Fri 07-Jul-17 15:30:09

If you need a toilet and a dryer, have both. Separate is ideal but both in one room is an ok compromise. So, ditch the shower if you don't need it/have space for it.

YorkshireTea86 Fri 07-Jul-17 15:42:24

We have a cupboard and downstairs toilet that we are knocking into one that will become a utility and wc, this is the plan for it. Room size is approx 2.5 x 1.75. Agree I'd ideally have the toilet separate but think this will work fine

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 07-Jul-17 15:45:47

How many beds has new house?
Second loo essential, second shower not so much.
I'd keep loo and small basin and have washing machine and dryer stacked on top of each other,, hidden in cupboard in loo room.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 07-Jul-17 15:47:35

I am surprised how rare Lootility rooms are.
I think a utility /loo combo is good use of limited space

DerelictWreck Fri 07-Jul-17 16:04:01

Absolutely combine, that's what we do! Always handy to have a sink in with your machines any way for stain removal/ hand washing/soaking etc.

So I say go for a combined machine or separates, plus loo and basin. Also don't forget storage if there's room - a narrow tall cupboard with a shelf is great for storing ironing board plus mpp/broom etc.

halcyondays Fri 07-Jul-17 16:07:03

Second toilet would be really handy so I'd keep that.Wouldn't be so bothered about the shower. Could washer and dryer be stacked?

BlueAutumnSkies Fri 07-Jul-17 16:07:55

Thanks for sharing Yorkshiretea86, I really like that plan! Really good use of the space and gives somewhere to put other things

BreakfastatSquiffanys - I hadn't thought about stacking them. It would definitely save a lot of space and love the idea of hiding them away in a cupboard

It is a three bed, but we aim to be here at least 10 years so trying to maximise all the space now before it is a nightmare doing it later when stuff is everywhere 😊

BackforGood Fri 07-Jul-17 16:09:32

Definitely don't remove a 2nd toilet shock - what are you thinking?!?!

I'd keep as a combination myself. Neither have to 'look nice' but both add so much 'usefulness' to your house.

wowfudge Fri 07-Jul-17 16:22:54

If there is already a family bathroom upstairs I would ditch the shower in the utility, keep the loo and do it out as a proper utility room. You could even have a half height wall separating the loo from the rest of the room. Have either a 1.5 sink or a double sink. That way you can wash hands even if the main sink is in use.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 07-Jul-17 17:12:16

Some friends of ours have a Lootility and it works well. The only downside is that some people (me included) use their utility as a dumping ground which is not open to inspection. Having a loo in their means that visitors are more likely to go in there

Decorhate Fri 07-Jul-17 17:41:56

I have washing machine & dryer stacked plus toilet, small basin & shower. Tbh we don't use the shower much (small cubicle, tempermental electric shower) so I often put a small clothes horse in there

Mrsladybirdface Fri 07-Jul-17 20:01:17

I have a lootility! It's fab, toilet sink and stacked washer dryer oneside and shelves freezers and worktop other side. Love it

monsieurpoirot Fri 07-Jul-17 20:15:17

I don't know the exact layout, but if seems possible to fit everything in (if you stack the washer and dryer). I would try and have it all!

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 08-Jul-17 08:17:24

Another laundry layout I've seen is
Washer and dry side by side hidden behind double bifold doors.
Shelving above for all manner of stuff that needs to be hidden.

HipsterHunter Sat 08-Jul-17 08:38:44

Do not remove the second toilet!!!

I'd have the WM and TD stacked, a sink and toilet. You could put in a nece Belfast sink which would be useful in a utility room but not look too silly for a downstairs toilet.

You could even build a cupboard around the WM and TD if you thought it was funny to have those in the toilet. I don't.

TwoBlueFish Sat 08-Jul-17 13:34:05

We currently have 2 small rooms next to each other both approx 1m x 2m. Loo and tiny sink in one and washing machine and boiler in the other.

We're going to knock them together leave the loo where it is, block up 2nd doorway, stack washer and dryer and put in a kitchen cupboard and single sink. At the moment the space is really wasted and impractical.

With a toddler you're definitely going to want a downstairs loo. Our dryer is currently in our garage.

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