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Moving help Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, St Albans Cambridgeshire

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Ceri790 Sun 18-Jun-17 09:04:12

We may be relocating for my husbands job. He would cover a large area that include some all the places in the subject box.
We currently live in North Wales and I know absolutely nothing about any of those areas. I've got two small children so I need access to good schools. My eldest is just about to start reception in September.
We'd like to be in a rural ish area come from North Wales I don't want to be in a city or big town.
I know the area I'm giving is massive I'm hoping you can help me narrow down some places to research properly and also places to absolutely avoid.
Thank you so much in advance of your help.

shortgreengiraffe Sun 18-Jun-17 09:07:08

Hi OP. It might be helpful if you could give an approx house budget and what you'd like to get for it - some of those areas are much more expensive than others.

shortgreengiraffe Sun 18-Jun-17 09:08:41

Also, apologies if you know this, but for your eldest you will need to find a school which has places, he won't automatically go to the closest school. So sometimes your search can be dictated by schools. Will you be renting first?

Ceri790 Sun 18-Jun-17 09:20:25

Sorry! Yes Renting initially we'd want 3 bedrooms and a garage if we could get it for under £1000 a month that would be really great. I did realise about the schools yes it's the same up here, he is registered here at the moment as everything is still undecided at the minute but everything is set to be decided by the end of the month and then if we are moving it's likely to be a quick move over the summer hols in time for September.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 18-Jun-17 13:44:18

Well I would say that your budget has ruled out St Albans and a lot of Cambridgeshire already.

Milton Keynes is probably the most central if DH has to move around a lot but there are some lovely villages between MK and Northampton too.

monsieurpoirot Sun 18-Jun-17 21:19:35

You would be ok with that budget in Northants. Loads of nice villages and village schools too. But quite far to Cambridge in particular, so would recommend more Bedfordshire way if budget allows.

Ceri790 Mon 19-Jun-17 06:33:22

Thank you we'll keep looking I'll have a nosy at Bedfordshire and some of the villages between MK and northampton, xx

Theworldisfullofidiots Mon 19-Jun-17 06:43:18

Do you drive? North Cambridgeshire might work. Anywhere near the A1 would work for travel and might be afford. Look for places in and around Huntingdon.
St Albans is very expensive.

Doublejeopardy Mon 19-Jun-17 06:52:02

St Albans is probably out of your price range. If he's got an area to cover I would suggest as far north as you can to be both rural and you will get more for your money.

Cupcakes4me Mon 19-Jun-17 07:07:30

Have you looked at bedford? We completely underestimated how lovely it is here before moving. Lots of family activities going on, beautiful parks, lovely river, up and coming areas with restaurants/bars. Some lovely villages/nice new build developments right outside too

HattiesBackpack Mon 19-Jun-17 07:19:35

Look at the towns/villages outside Corby. Very quiet, rural type locations and cheap as chips!
Good luck

Katisha Mon 19-Jun-17 07:22:50

Have a look at Leighton buzzard? And surrounding villages.

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