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Under cabinet lighting

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EpoxyResin Wed 10-May-17 08:47:50

I'm probably overthinking this but I've got myself completely confused with all aspects of kitchen planning; under cabinet lighting is what's currently keeping me up at night.

On one side of the planned new kitchen I will have a 600mm wall cabinet, then a cooker hood, then a 1000mm wall cabinet. How many under cabinet lights will I need under each cabinet? We're planning LED puck lights (definitely not strip - OH wants pucks) so would we have a single puck under the 600mm and two under the 1000? Or two under the 600mm cabinet and three under the 1000??

There will be 50m cornice eating into the cavity on all sides under each and the pucks are approx. 65mm diameter, so originally I was thinking one and two... but I don't want it to look sparse.

Similar situation on the opposite side of the kitchen where we'll have a run of 600mm cabinet then 1000mm top box then 600mm. One puck then two pucks then one? Or two pucks then three then two??

Help me please, I'm losing my mind!!

LeggyMeggy Wed 10-May-17 13:15:59

Why wouldn't you have LED strip lights? Super thin and cut to length. No worrying about how many you the lighting is even all the way across.

Maybe I'm missing something though!

curcur Wed 10-May-17 13:18:56

Agree with Leggy. Strip is great, there are lots of different types to choose from.

Liz79 Wed 10-May-17 21:33:35

I have this dilemma too. I think I want strip lighting hardwired into the mains rather than plugged in. Can you actually cut them anywhere or at designated along the length? Wouldn't you be cutting through wires?confused can anyone recommend some lights?

wowfudge Wed 10-May-17 22:05:40

I've done lots of research on LED strip lights, but haven't committed yet. You can either buy the length you need or cut them down in specific places and you can join them together using special joining tabs. There can be more than one way of achieving the same result. I think I want to delegate the decisions!

curcur Wed 10-May-17 22:17:24

There's also a tube type one which click together and click on units with brackets. I've got the tube type in the kitchen and strip in the lounge. They're very effective.

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 11-May-17 01:44:35

On my design drawings I usually allow one light centrally positioned to each door . Hope that helps !

EpoxyResin Thu 11-May-17 09:29:21

Thanks folks, and OnePlan that does help!

I have been looking into strips but originally OH was not convinced. I've since won him over but was put off by a lighting rep who told me he "wouldn't recommend" running more than one short strip from the same driver - and the drivers are expensive! Plus finding a driver that operates well without flicker for such a small voltage load as you would have with a 600mm strip would be difficult.

I think I've decided though that despite that advice... I'm going to ignore it, and ask my electrician to run up to 3 shorter strips (600-1000mm each) in parallel from a single driver. I work with electricians who tell me this should be fine, I just don't want my sparky to turn his nose up at my project. Fingers crossed!!

EpoxyResin Thu 11-May-17 09:32:24

Liz you can only cut at designated places (between the LEDs) but those places are about every 3cm on the tape I've seen, so it's almost the same as being able to cut anywhere.

LeggyMeggy Thu 11-May-17 09:43:16

I've got them all the way around my v large kitchen and it's no problem at all. No flicker ever and they've been fitted for nearly 2 years. Supplied and fitted by my electrician.

SudieStephens Sat 28-Apr-18 09:57:53

Have you installed under cabinet lighting? If not, then I would suggest you to go for the LED strip lights. You can also take professional advice and solution from Electricians Kennett Square PA. They also provide under cabinet lighting at affordable cost. You can choose these professionals to do under cabinet lighting.

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