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SmokedSalmonAndFizz Thu 06-Apr-17 21:32:30

Name change, obv.

We had a horrendous leak in our home, which we noticed at 5pm on a Friday evening. We are within our two year guarantee.
Panicked, ring local plumber who is fabulous. Fixes issue. Disses the original plumbing and is amazed that there has never been an issue.
Roll on three weeks. They finally come to inspect damage. Their plumber admits fault and says that kitchen and hallway need replacing asap.
Roll on to today.
4 weeks after their plumber, they send a letter denying fault due to us using an outside contractor, thus invalidating their warranty.
Cannot find anything in our paperwork that corroborates this.

Tl:Dr. Persimmon are cunts

MoonlightandMusic Thu 06-Apr-17 23:15:05

Rather than you trying to figure it out, it might just be worth asking them to email you a copy of the warranty with the relevant clause highlighted.
That way, you can compare against your records and you have a starting point for further argument with them on it, whether directly or via a solicitor/ombudsman.

Hope it gets sorted properly without you having to resort to your house insurance.

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