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Does anyone have a metal/iron deck?

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Theknittinggorilla Sun 26-Mar-17 20:46:29

We are putting patio doors out to garden, replacing a window. There is a light well to the cellar directly underneath (about a meter wide) which we need to bridge, but need to ensure light can still get to the cellar windows (cellar storage only don't want to cut out light completely, make it much more damp etc)

We are thinking either walkable glass, Or more likely metal/grid platform and stairs. Im struggling to find pictures of something similar online, Pinterest, Houzz etc.

Anyone done anything similar and could share a photo? Or better at googling than I obviously am? Can imagine lots of Edwardian houses built this way?

PigletJohn Sun 26-Mar-17 21:25:28

no, but I have seen the old cast-iron ones in a sort of chessboard pattern.

AFAIK this style is no made any more and the old ones probably got melted down for scrap.

If you're looking round, try places that make/sell fire escapes.

A more modern approach would probably be stainless grid, it might be used in food factories but I can't remember seeing it.

Thin ordinary steel would rust, and aluminium would scratch and corrode.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Sun 26-Mar-17 22:39:26

Standard industrial open grid flooring would do it, which is galvanised steel (stainless would be pretty expensive). There are different types for spacing of the metal bars etc. It's not particularly pretty though and you can't walk in stilettos on it!

whatsthecomingoverthehill Sun 26-Mar-17 22:46:26

A bit like this.

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