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Anyone extended or built in solid stone?

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spydie Sun 19-Mar-17 20:40:25

So I'm having a minor flap tonight.... architect has (as of Friday) submitted all the building control plans for our extension and I've just sat down to look at the copies. Noticed what appears to be a massive issue.... our cottage is solid stone, and the planning approval stipulates the extension needs to match the existing dwelling. The building reg plans talk of flipping brick! And a standard block and brick cavity wall arrangement. No mention of using stone anywhere.

Ffs he had the planning approval so he should have known this. Of course I will be talking to him tomorrow..... but has anyone had any experience if building using stone? I'm guessing it's a very different process to simple brick? My main concern right now is how we can achieve the stone look (existing house has some very large blocks) whilst complying with building control.

QuattroFormaggio Sun 19-Mar-17 20:48:06

I have no idea about the plans/permissions thing, but we extended a Yorkshire stone house. The builders got hold of reclaimed stone that was a great match for the rest of the house and basically cut each stone to size. It was noisy and dusty and took a bit longer than working with brick but it was still all done in 9 weeks (it was a small and simple but 2 storey extension). Good luck!

spydie Mon 20-Mar-17 16:42:08

Thanks! Waiting to hear back from architect. Did speak to builder also and he reckons it's fine as rather than constructing from reclaimed stone, they will use cladding on top of the brick to match to the existing building. Looks like you can get decent cladding but it's going to be a mission to get it all to match, as ours is quite irregular and most of what I see online is more uniform.

QuattroFormaggio Mon 20-Mar-17 17:01:20

Oh yes, ours was laid like stone bricks so more straightforward than the way yours is built I'd guess. Sounds like the way they're going to do it will meet the planning reqs though so all good.

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