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Moving from USA to MK or Linslade

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Priv Tue 07-Mar-17 18:30:36

Hello Mums from Milton Keynes or Linslade. I will be moving with my family (DH,DS1 and DS2 this summer July 17. We previously lived in London before moving to USA, but are now out priced. DH will need transport links to London. DS1 will be in Yr9. We always thought we would move to MK when we came back, but looking at the school options Denbigh/Hazely/Oakgrove are all over subscribed and even renting a home in the catchment areas will not guarantee a place and he could be sent to a lower performing school miles away. So I started looking further a field and Linslade came to my attention. It has good transport links to London and Cedars Upper seems like a good school also it starts in Yr9 which is really appealing,as DS1 will be starting a new school with all the other Yr9's. When I told DH about Linslade, he said Leighton Buzzard did not have a good reputation re Drugs and the infrastructure made the traffic and parking a nightmare. What is it like to live in Linslade Leighton? Also how diverse is the demographics?
Any advice will be appreciated.

RedSkyAtNight Fri 31-Mar-17 15:10:47

If your son is current Y8 I suspect that Walton High will have spaces - especially at the new Brooklands campus. Remember you can appeal for other schools.

Personally I'd prefer to live in MK than Linslade/Leighton Buzzard and agree that transport links are easier.

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