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What extra conditions for tenant who wants cat?

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Binkybix Sat 18-Feb-17 19:44:47


Our tenant would like to get a cat and we would like to accommodate as far as possible.

I used to have them so know what damage they can cause. Has anyone else allowed tenants to do this, and if so did you collect extra deposit or sign an extra agreement to cover damage?

If extra deposit, how do you put it in the deposit protection scheme?

Thanks in advance.

RedBugMug Sat 18-Feb-17 19:47:48

I think the only thing you can do really is a higher deposit.
other conditions like proffessional clean/fumigation upon moving out might not be so easy or enforcable.

OutnumberedbyFurchesters Sat 18-Feb-17 19:51:22

We had a cat agreed by LL at our old property. Had it written into tenancy agreement that would would have carpets professionally cleaned (proof by reciept of proper company) on vacating the property or lose a portion of deposit.
Also all damages made by cat to wallpaper and etc to be paid for. Had inspections every 6months anyway so could be spotted and billed for then. Never were. smile

InformalRoman Sat 18-Feb-17 20:04:34

We have a cat in our rental - deposit is one and a half months rent but I'm not sure that is any different to what it would have been if we had been non cat owners (it's unfurnished, few carpets, no wallpaper).

SnowBallsAreHere Sat 18-Feb-17 20:05:33

Google 'lets with pets'

Sistafromanuthamista Sat 18-Feb-17 20:08:20

I rent with a cat. Only condition I have is to deflea when we leave. It's u furnished though and he's an outdoor cats there's not much damage he can cause.

As a renter, thank you for letting your tenants have a cat smile

InformalRoman Sat 18-Feb-17 20:16:50

And yes, thank you to being an accommodating landlord - our cat is definitely part of the family.

As a cat-free youngster I once moved into a house and within a couple of weeks was getting bitten to death by fleas - it was from the landlord's cat, they had moved out but their "guests" hadn't.

thethoughtfox Sat 18-Feb-17 21:15:03

You know you may have to replace the carpets if it gets a spot it likes to pee in. It could wreck the wallpaper and scratch the sofa. Had a cat: it ruined the wallpaper in two rooms, spots in the carpet in two rooms and the sofa.

JillyTheDependableBoot Sat 18-Feb-17 23:15:35

You just never know with cats. We paid an additional deposit for our last rental and would have been happy to make good/pay for (less fair wear and tear) the damage Dcat caused. She didn't burn the place to the ground, but there were things we couldn't have predicted. Children cause far more damage though!

scaryteacher Sat 18-Feb-17 23:36:46

We let our house as cat friendly. I rent abroad and have cats.

Binkybix Sun 19-Feb-17 07:20:46

Thanks all. We don't have carpets which is good. Good point about de-fleaing!

I looked up lets with pets but they seem determined to make it as difficult as possible for people to access their advice pack - no PDF and it keeps saying I've left out an essential field to apply for one and o haven't!

SmellySphinx Sun 19-Feb-17 07:32:15

My landlord just wrote out a short statement saying he agreed to us having a cat and any damage caused was basically up to us to fix and pay for. He grew up on a farm with cats so knows the ins and outs. Trouble is the previous tenant had two house cats without permission, long story, which had already scratched carpets and peed in places. Luckily mine hasn't decided to carry on making a habit out of it. The carpet already had cig burns, stains and what not and is about 20 years old!!

I suppose you could do what he did (sign it all o'course) also take pics of any curtains or furnishings, anything you're worried about and go from there.

SmellySphinx Sun 19-Feb-17 07:34:01

I'd write in a statement/contract that you will allow a cat but any obvious or mutually agreed cat related damage will be taken out of the deposit. Not sure how it would stand legally though

WombattingFree Sun 19-Feb-17 07:52:36

We looked at insurance for the property specifically about pets for our tenants and it was agreed that any damage over a certain amount would be dealt with via the insurance and they were liable for the excess.

They also agreed to have all soft furnishings (ours was part furnished), carpets and curtains professionally cleaned and pest treated afterwards.

We said we'd consider pets, not they could definitely have one though, so they didn't move in expecting to have one. Ultimately they decided that the cost of cleaning after was not worth the £30 a kitten costs off gumtree.

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