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Kitchen fitter or builder?

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ShortLass Thu 16-Feb-17 08:23:03

"The Big Project" (TM) involves extending the lounge to make a lounge diner and moving the kitchen into the current dining room (kitchen becomes utility).

Much advice to get builder to build the shell and kitchen fitter to fit kitchen. This makes sense. Except, my dad says that if the builders fit the kitchen then they will hold responsibility for putting the kitchen services -- water and drainage (no gas) -- in the right place. I can see the logic in that. You don't want to be fitting the sink and discover that the builders have put the pipe too far over to the left.

It was suggested to me last night that builders do building work, then I get in a decorator, then I get kitchen fitters in. But Dad advises one contractor to do the lot.

Anyone got any experiences?

QuattroFormaggio Thu 16-Feb-17 08:51:58

Our builders fitted our kitchen (including knocking out the chimney, plastering, doing the plumbing and wood floor but a separate electrician did the lights) and they did an amazing job. Even the granite fitters said they'd never seen units so level. So just because they're general builders doesn't mean they'll be rubbish kitchen fitters and I'd agree with your dad that if they need to do the whole job, they can avoid causing themselves problems further down the line.

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