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Is anyone an estate agent?

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ocelot41 Sat 11-Feb-17 19:42:07

If so can I ask your advice? I have had two sales fall through at point of exchange now - neither were anything to do with my property. The first the buyers' buyers pulled out and our buyers were unable to sell again, the second time our buyers had major relationship difficulties and decided that now was not the right time to buy a house together. Either way, to any buyer coming on the market, it may look like there us something wrong with my house - and there isn't! What can I do in such a difficult market to find proceedable buyers?

ocelot41 Sat 11-Feb-17 19:47:56

By the way, the reason I am not sure about taking my own EA's advice is that we have put them on notice. And EAs working on notice don't always work in the vendors' interests! Although our lot are still getting in viewings etc, I think they have lost their energy by now

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